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Bibi Star's Fingerless Auto-Building Building Block can create blocks


A large-scale stream on a child's star, Hairwich astronomers is possible by the University, it is possible that it is possible that it is possible.

The big star of his star has been seen in a large, big-blaze and plasma blade whenever we have more than 10 times the maximum number of solar solar-charged solar cells.

In a newspaper of the Discovery Royal Furniture Society, there is a detailed description of the description and it shows that it is a great & # 39; trance & # 39; It can also demolish the article of a star who can build a building for future seats.

On a small MM-star, cartooners saw Nigton J121939.5-355557 named, 685 lac years of age. At the age of approximately two million years, it is the role of the star before the continuation, which reaches to the extent that it is the life of its life.

In addition to this, thousands of stars of hairdresser Warhead PDD were seen by James James's University, a part of the bomb blast bomb outside our solar system. He said that in Chile the leading generation of biotech species used by the NGTS telescope array, which has been created by making a glow measure of thousands of thousands of stars, is made of Exoplanets and the old observer of the observers of Europe's south. . His ideas were made for the NSJ's J121939.5-355557, so it was seen in the stars of starvation, that was the biggest flare.

Stopping a star is that the magnetic field of a star is rolled out again, will continue to grow a lot of process in the process. This is a sharpness of collagen, plasma, inflammation, which accumulates at its level, in a sharp star, about 10,000 degrees of movement. It generates lightning ideological and individually enlightened, but also in the Earth and Innovation, XP devices and games also play through the tissippopes.

Mars magnetic fields are stronger than our own sunshine and counting on the horoscope that this type of vitality is unique, every two years even more than every decade for every second.

James is studying at the University of Johannesburg, he said: "It's usually a star that shows little performance and keeps moving glow, then on a special night, we saw it suddenly that 7 times a normal More than a few hours, which is very extreme, and then it is usually run back.

"We look at these types of light on the sun, but not close to that near. On our sunshine, this type of activity can make an incredibly detailed explanation on this activity. It is difficult to understand it difficult to enhance other stars. Because we do not have the data yet available yet.

"It's an incredibly young star, just about 2 million years old, calls you – it's been for millions of years, so it's in the first percentage of your life. Although it's cooler than our breath The distance is about 2,000 degrees, but it is very large for the MM star, that's why it's still built in the disks, as well as going on a huge reaction to the rainy rain.

"These types of details get the mission that is possible only since this year.

From these fascinating events, the X-ray thinks the & # 39; Chondalus & # 39; star & # 39; in the Protective Disk of Calcium-Aluminum-poor grain stalls. They are also gathered together in Eritreus who are finally able to access the seats. The study has increased our understanding of the & # 39; Flats & # 39; Propiplic disks, which move around the content, which affect and influence the basic set of serial scheduling.

Professor Peter Ghetto, James's Peddie Spyener, said: "Such a big glowing stream can be fascinated to make it, or it can be destroyed. This particular star can not be set up for its seats. Such a kind of activity is that astronomers should consider considering molding when needed.

"It has been argued that whether there is a good or bad thing to spend the life of the living place, because they spend the amount of one yarn, because biological biological damage and their DNA are spent. It can be harmed., However, the rationation is essential for chemical reactions to start different life and not generally provided in large quantities by such stars.

Investigative Report: "Looking for a large-scale floor showing the stand-packel polation from the former follow-up transit, the next generation transit survey," James A. J. Jacket Atton, Royal Cultural Society of 2018 December 1, 201

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Do not necessarily live the seat with oxygen

Beatemore MD (SPX), December 18, 2018

The solar system, in their search for a near and near life, has often acknowledged the presence of Oxx in the winter environment that the most sign is that life will be there. Nevertheless, a new study recommendation that the rules of the ring should be considered again.

In the laboratory the wages of the solar system's solar system, the researchers successfully created both organic compounds and oxygen, which was incomplete of life.

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