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China has drowned a cotton belt on the left side of the moon


China seems to be in a peoples race, and in the long run. A group of Chinese scientists prepared an experiment to examine life's stability on the moon, which has begun our imagination up to a half century. It seems that we were not dreaming, but the fact is that, although it is not possible that the pace will become faster.

Team created an experience that lives on moon. According to the Independent Freedom report, Li Hanen is one of the founders of the group living in the group: "We have considered the future of survival at our place." In a lesser fashioned environment, they learn about the development of plants, to make us the future of the creation of a mass based foundation. Allow. "

Contact Chang -4. The Cerotoo Society for BY-SA 3.0 for Lauren Roberts's Photo

Additionally, the experience can be the first step in finding a method for increasing food on the board in the long run, which may set future missions to try back from the planet.

On January 2, China Chang-4-Zamindar landed on the moon and there was some cloth on it. One was kept in a tight narrow string, filled with clay and provided with air and water, all the essential ingredients for the plant.

Sometimes called "side side" around the moon, as it does not look like Earthquake due to the movement of loop.

In addition, cotton, potatoes, reptuscope, arabicis gallon, and sauce and fruit were also included in the experiments. The container was built to be a small electronic system – a small garden that would allow a very important component of the moon life potential.

For the receptor oil, it will be used for fabrics and potatoes for oil, cotton. Changing the University of Changing University is described: "The plants may produce oxygen and other food items. Darflu mela, which can cause pestilence and vomiting, preparers, carbohydrates, oxygen and oxygen. Instead of using phosphorus of money, it can increase the amount of fat and dysfunctional wastage, and it can also work as a dysfunctional ammoners' diet. This is the capacity of a single man who Includes manufacturers, suppliers and doctors. "

First to the top of the moon. Pictures of CPRS 4.0 by Kovozzeszzewsz

MoneyBox has been surveyed by two cameras and heat control systems. It also included a tube that illustrates the surface of the moon so that it can increase the amount.

The cotton pods are sharpened, except for the board's ASS flora, the first successful plant is to make the plant successful. So, ASS is relatively similar to the cotton of cotton in the Chineseland on Controls.

News was a dream, all people are honest with the search of true places. This does not mean that life on the moon might possibly be possible, but the need to trust Marx's survival means not only to spare the mortgage.

Rover on the dead dead

Nevertheless, soon after leaving the plant, immediately leave the plant. The problem was climate of moon. When night came, which gets two weeks, until the heat of -170 cm.

It does not help that it reaches up to 120 cm. The other is less and less, not allowed to be self-allowed, as we know on earth.

Though the cotton of the young woman was not too fat, unfortunately, it was not too cold, it was a great break in science. Will continue to last, and scientists will eliminate more experiences with better conditions.

The landing place is very clean in the middle of the moon's clock. Landing is 45.47084 south, 177.60563 east. Images by Lamid58

The main mission of Chang-4 is to collect information about the atmosphere of the moon and it returns to the China Central Office. MoneyBox Golf Championship was a university initiative.

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However, the Chengang-5 will be started soon after collecting the surface of the moon and to return it back to the ground. There are no similar missionaries since 1970. The Chinese Chanpan program is definitely worth the following, it seems like many of us are coming forward.

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