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Production of Nissan Motor Company's production plant in Sindh, Production Line, Y.A.

Photographer: Luca McGridge / Bloomberg

Nissan Moto Company plans to make an Xbox Trophy super-televised vehicle at a UK-based factory factory, said the uncertainty of the UK has not helped future investment.

He said that our MQM team is frustrated for the team and partners, "Nissan Europe's Chairman Genealogo de Fichechi has been told in a statement." While we have made this trade in the cause of business, EII The continued future innovation of the UK's does not help companies plan our future plans. "

Nissan's decision is another step on the British car industry, which has reduced 46% in the last year's investment, because carpets were decided to update countless cats and factories about the difficulty of carriers. Sponsored $ 589 million (771 million dollars), after the global financial crisis, the least Society Society Society has said in a statement.

Japanese performance will continue to produce trails in Kashisho. Other vehicles were designed for Nissan Sundand factory, which is undoubtedly deciding that the next generation includes junk and poverty.

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The former Test Model was planned for the production of a yolk as announced in 2016 and worked with an agreement for the future investment of the US government. "Support and government" means "support and security" to maintain nissan to keep investing in the site, said in company in 2016 in October.

Nissan's statement did not give the reason for this decision, but the Scotts News has started that the rules of administrative rules have been described and sales have been prompted.

The sky reported that a letter from the management staff of the 7,000 workers of Sandland is said to be "interfering with all the people in relation to the proclamation of annexation broxia" and "the future of Britain with e-union is unnecessary". Supporting companies to plan for our future. "

The current production in Sandland is Nissan Lioy, Europe's best selling electric car, which is at 46,989 hectares in the previous year, up 177% from the previous year.

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