Thursday , September 29 2022

Five hours a week physical activity helps prevent cancer: Study, World News


If the recommended total physical activity guidelines of the moderate intensity for the next five hours a week, then 46,000 cancerous cases can be prevented in the United States.

In the journal ‘Madison and Science in Sports and Exercise’, published in the journal, the data noted that 30% of cancer cases in adults in the United States and older were in physical activity during 2013 to 2016. Also, the proportion was higher in women compared to men.

The highest number of cases was in the south, such as Kentucky, West Virginia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi, while the lowest proportion was found in the Mountain Region and northern states, such as Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, and Wisconsin. General Chat Chat Lounge General Chat Chat Lounge

Data highlight specific cancer sites, including 16.9% of stomach cancers, 11.9% of endometrial cancers, 11.0% of kidney cancers, 9.3% of gastric cancer, 8.1% of oesophageal cancers, and 6.5% of breast cancers. , And 3.9% of urinary bladder cancer.

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Statistically, the proportion of cancer cases attributed to physical inactivity ranges from 2.3 percent in Utah to 3.7 percent in Kentucky.

The authors write, “These results highlight the need to encourage physical activity as a cancer prevention and to implement individual and community-level interventions that address various behavioral and socioeconomic barriers to recreational physical activity. General Chat Chat Lounge Physical activity requires interventions to improve intervention strategies targeting vulnerable groups in the country “.

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The data highlight the importance of physical activity.

It talks that there are many barriers to recreational physical activity, including reduced work hours, long working hours, gym memberships or the cost of personal belongings.

Lack of access to a safe environment also contributes to a lack of physical activity.

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