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Guides Lee's Rush is on the top of the song: "I feel the imagination of our imagination" music


It It is possible that three members of Rush are still friends. Three years ago with Pro Bond's final finale, Goddess Le, X. Elfson and Neil Paris did not have their separate ways. "XX and I just got to see it two weeks before and I was hungry for a few days." Lee says that London's very expensive hotel was surrounded by a high tea table from the hotel. "The first month [after they disbanded]We were emotionally hungry. We do not know the future to take us as if we did not talk about it. And then we started talking again. "

Instead of singing and playing Rush, Le himself engaged himself with a strong talent book. Gadd Lee's Big Beautiful Book Boss Joe. Again, who took thought of people about rush and stopped arranging for 40 years and joined the Stone of Roll and Roll Hall, then who knows? The book goes on one side, however, to find Lee's writer Howdy Brothers, only surveying the only band's milk.

The young rush was abused by herself, Canada has been trying to make many hands. "We used to play very fast-high schools," says Lee. "You grew up in magnesium, orange, set up your gear and started playing, and people were also looking at you: what is that? I do not want to dance it. Unless we start school scratches And it started to happen, and then, when changed to 18, we have become unbelievable on the border land because we were very high. "

These days later, record your first album in Rush, Rash, Night Session. The name of gas bomber is named "Wipe and Poor." After we have heard that we are tired of being found only in the set for five sets of nights at the third set of night. " Ask for more songs. "One of them was looking for my way. We played her song, and she liked her." Well, let's say it's written and another song, and we'll make others live. & # 39; And recorded it. To save our first album, I became a sign of discovery. "

What kind of lead was made by Zipper copy writers, Reichen was transformed into the favorite tights with Dr Ruttony Nail Pierre. "He was one of the viewers who was the one of the viewers. He is very difficult." He made carrots in small games, Drum to get out of every corner. "He said, he has a great dude, a great dude. He thought he was locked out of the country, and then he was behind the kut, and it was drummer and we were asleep. He started a minute to start the minute.

The curtain is willing to take appropriate care and more complicated music of lafphinson. Even better, he wrote the song. 2112 The last end of his last-last roll, along with Lewis's path: "In fact they wanted to be a bad company. 2 And we had a great conspiracy, so we left it and forced ourselves to work. The ship was ready to go down, and we did it. "

Incredible 2112 bankruptcy was made by fans to engage in its tracks, mockery (rhythmic) in the Sunshine Freedom of the Temple of Syringe, life-saving and demonstrating its role in individuality. After looking after the guitar. It was a ride by the Rhinestone, which he allegedly was saying to Rush Boy Protestin. "We were very insignificant," he says. "We proceeded from the same point, yes, but for me, Fountain was a functioning actor. Our whole life was in our lives that we had tried to write the original material and we did not want to understand." When all the items came out in the press, it was politically held, where we were not really. "

Nail Paris, X Lafson and Goddess Lee.

Whenever it loves to go to it in a complex mode … Nail Pier, Alexander Lafson and Lee. Photograph: Fan Camello / Reedance

"It was a song, which we must say that our ideas have increased their ability to play, leverage a 12-minute break-on, but much longer on their device. "We thought that:" We had written this long piece and then we just closed it on the ground and boom, but it was really very difficult. It was out of us. I've added it here because it's me. It is surprising that the song was from our fans. They only love them when we go to them in the moody mode. Yes, that's a dangerous, but it's a momentary moment for us to make our fibers. Us this Refused to give way. "

Rashid's commitment to the job has warned that the dreaming bank was nervous for audiences. "There is no one around him," he says. "We will joke about it." Look at any of the girls in the queue? "# 39; No attractive boy. Very ugly boy. Things started changing. They did – We saw: the girls going to the queue before & # 39; or there would be a sign in the address. & # 39; Matheller: The Loving Girls of Rush. & # 39; Stand and laugh. "But the point was that it was more profitable than it was."

Do not want to add a leam ride. "But how can I not? It changes our lives." Tom Sory College, who was a radio made of radio, and a regular crop crop in the culture – Futurama, Col Colbert Report, Freaks and Geeks, Family Guy, South Park. I loved you in the movie, man, it has played a central role in glue, which also sang and Polo Rido (Rush reveals itself) also bamboo. "When [the director] John Hamburg contacted us about us, did not say our inspiration. But we have gone through a stage where our performance decided to go to George Costa Rica. We have decided that no one would say anything to us, yes, yes. It's our best to do. "

He was in the old brothers throughout the year, and wrote a letter. He was always caring for words of thickness. "He feels unpleasant," he says. "Ever felt comfortable at any time, sometimes it is more than a badly a perfume for a nasty diet. And the same time is a very difficult job, because I'm not always on the same page like that. As we grew up as a bind, I was convinced that it was believed to be a board and its editor, and if I could not get anything, he left it alone. . "

Between the 80s, Rush Ribbucks ended Elf's guitar and vocalists, but Roll's Honda changed a change. "The Alex was moving on that point and he clarified that we were wandering under a single noise and he wanted to go back to his right place." I say "It's okay. I've been abused by one way. I think I might have taken it too much for a bridge." Take a look at that he was always a small bandwidth member. Strong than, and then "I think our relationship will be made, the people of Edex became more convinced, and Nell and I rested in my role." He smiled. "I just understand that."

This is a rare trick track that is in the leo's words, "Relax with the rhythm. The fact is that there is a way of truth – the rush for all hyper games is a hurry. We are just in a relaxed game. It is not good – it was our answer to the bones. "

Within 10 months between the heat of 1997 and summer 1998, the Neil Patti was killed by his daughter (in a car accident) and his fellow (cancer). He was fully backed up, Lee or assumed that Rush was endless and recorded a solo album. "After a few years I found myself lazy and lazy. I'm helpless over it and buried it in myself. The Nile ran away from all powerful times that it was understood to me that he He would not want to refuse to miss the stolen thing from his life. I did not think he would take back, so he was a devotee for me. "

What did you discover, the soundtrack of the cambridge, including the record in the hotel, was accompanied by young music including Lord and Pir Jam, who was loved and rush. "I have not been used for this. All the local people said at the end of the rival musicians. They wanted their respect, and I did not realize that I was with them strange and musical. With a musical music scene, there will be no definition with other musicians, almost certainly a poor musician was in the middle of music, it was good for me, I intend to get out of that experience. "

The Rashi background in Springfield, a Manchester, 9 December 1976, a stage of all its worlds.

I would like to repeat it … … Rush Stage, Massachusetts in the Apparel field, in the period of its entire world's stage in 1976. Photo: Camello / Reedance

The rush came back, for three more albums, and the last record on their last record, on one another large scale, money-packed work angels, as well as a series of two novels and comrades. So, donkey Lee, can you ever get an idea of ​​an album of an imagination? "Not really." Are not your own "Rain. I can not tell you yet, I can tell you that the records are about someone, honestly. I do not think that, because music and music make a sound, and you Returns the picture of a meaning. Sometimes it's enough to love you. "

And have you ever thought of it, the only thing that could be the best novel to make this album? You will eat "… or a graphic novel, and then the movie, and then the series, and then the cartoons. It was not my idea. I liked this concept of the record and I believe this is our best. It was a tough record to make a library, to do something that Elx and I can stay with you, quite a lot to tell the concept of Nell. Here's something about the flying flight that is about the history of my band. It's about me. It's a way to have hypnosis, for more than 4 years, in the career, and it walks like it. The song is emotional that I want everything to do, & # 39; And this Is true. & # 39;

Alex Lifeson and Gaddafi Lee Ahoy, retired, May 3, 1983.

Go to the Stage I am with & # 39;; … Lifsen and Lee in 1983: Rob Warsaw / Returns

From a radio recording – its last visit – the song that was successful in rush when it was selected by WMMS in Villas in 1974. "It was the favorite song for every night, and so I'd like to add you to live versions." It was also the last end song Rush, who played on his last show, on 1 August 2015. What time do you know? "100% No Nail was pretty handsome, and she liked that it would be the final final. And because she actually left the throne and came out and gave us dirty on Stage, which Take oath as never. I think I am a good instructor, but I do not think that Alex accepted it more and more. I thought we killed him all night, but that was very difficult. It was because it was really passionate in the last 20 minutes – the only time I have reached a microphone, so I know a part.

"I am playing with a rush. I do not want to travel with rush. I go to Stage with those boys because it was a sole honor for me. I'm sure I'll pay it one day, but it's never It would not change the intensity that was supposed to perform a three-hour rush show: it challenges me in my max and it's rare in life. "

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