Saturday , December 4 2021

Manchester Union Supervisor, first Gunnar Solakujar told Maldives: "Enjoy yourself and do not come back."


The parents were told by Deborah manager of Mullen Gunnar Solsajaj, Manchester & Monitoring Manager, # 39 ;, their parents were told by: "Enjoy yourself and do not go back."

The former United Nations commentator Solsajar has started his debut for his temporary spell on the Old Testord, in which he started playing one of the eight and his first nine games.

Norway did not think of candidates for permanent candidates, even though the United States now is keenly interested in the death penalty of San Jose.

Solsajjir has not secured his desire to get a job, despite the fact that he should return to Mawlavi with Norway at the end of the season.

Molle's owners, King George Rickkick and Badge Reynoldsley, know that the work of a permanent unit manager is the ideal role of Solosjaw and he was willing to rejoice in December.

Solskjaer said: "When I mastered and said that the United Nations was called and he always knew that it was my dream, he said: Go and enjoy yourself and do not give back. & # 39;

"The other owners wanted me to be the best because they know that it is something that dreams about.

"It was fantastic to get back from behind. If I go back to Molde, I'll try my best for them, but when I'm going back.

"This is a lot more. Hope I can see my family soon, because it was the only job of the job."

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