Tuesday , January 18 2022

Renault-Nissan can unite the unity to break the Ghas scandal


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By Paul A. Eisenstein

After Nelson's board, Carlos Garzon after arriving in a emergency meeting in a emergency, Yukobama is in a yakahama in Japan, what is it about some industry analysts to ask.

Nissan's French Allied Alliance Rally Board has not been allowed to exclude Gaza. Many sources told BBC News that the wheat was also arrested.

The 64-year Executive Executive was arrested in Japan, and the deficit of its $ 45 million and its assets was misused. Brazil 10-year-old prosecutor decides to stay in prison in the Executive Tokcos, that it is a formal charge.

In this "maybe a definite trail of politics and international business," said Flipper of The Auto Teachers Consultant. When careful, it is "great", as soon as possible, "is not beyond the scope of probability". The charge was presented against the massacres, which was influenced by the internal business dispute.

In one half-dozen other words, these words have been spoken nonsense or in close proximity, the result of this fact states that there are differences between the cave and the fish, which have been given the end of the cousin's cousin. Has been

"The company can usually spit on your hands" when you use things like a little ashes, corporate geo or the price of the things you care about. "Nissan expert said" their leaders have arrested and kept in prison. "

If this matter is not strong enough, some industry-makers are advised that Secrets will expose themselves. Nissan CEO was pronounced in charge of a complaint against a suspect during a conference conference in Somerset's Law on Somer. "After being forgiven, I would feel very frustrated, disappointed, disappointed, neglected, and mischievous."

But he might have been able to identify this matter as a personal element that the cows had achieved very much strength and may have been in a position for a long time.

In the Ghasan, Renal Forest was brought to the board to fix the tax of French company in 1996. He just woke up in a year, Elizabeth used to quit, "The Last Killer." Gassin was then sent to Japan in 1999, bought a 38.6% dowry at Renault Nissan, to execute a large scale plan. Initially Chief Operation Officer, Ghoton was soon raised up. Later Japanese activism started changing a profit and eliminated the loan with bad luck. After this he was nominated as Chief Executive on Renault, and placed the Position Position in the charitable organization, which is now known as the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Union.

In his various articles, Ghuson was also involved in not only a trade-trading business but also with the political pressure related to the Franco-Japanese group. In 2017, the French government rescued its Rangers in the Renault – partly by exposing 15 percent. But it is still a big obstacle and emphasis on strengthening the patriotic self-determination and self-determination, which reiterated France's financial minister Bruno Lee May again on this week.

If some nonsense, more freedom is under pressure under force. But the sources of Reuters companies indicate that "the Economic Crisis (Asia) is reflected on the Ministry of Japanese, Japanese, which will also be dispatched to Nissan and Mitsubishi by the French government." "

Some observers warn that the other side of the alliance could be on the other hand, that France is too difficult to pressure or Japanese Qamiami also to avoid an aggression.

Before this week, Mitsubishi CEO Osama Masko said that the singer is an alliance that is coming to the region. "I think that the planet is like any other cage which Rennel, Nissan and Mitsubishi can walk," he said.

Both sides are trying to unite on French and Japanese to eliminate these concerns. Sawaja expressed his wish that the last year has been making a lot of positive relations, Walcrowne has become the world's best-selling carrier.

While demanding the testimony of the crime of the Ghost on the side of the Renaissance, the statement issued a statement, "dedicated to the protection of the interests of the state in the coalition."

"But there is no doubt that Ghaus's loss will create a big challenge." It's a glue with Renault and Nissan. & # 39; An analysis mechanic in Bernstein said Berberton. "It's not hard to glow between the center and the nose.

To arrest Nissan's accusation and arrest, more questions should be asked about reviewing, many sources were warned that Gulab could fall into the sea. And it can create a new, neutral mark on its own.

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