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Soup in trouble as the hot former NetOne boss who set him up


Mandiwanzira appeared in a courtroom on Wednesday and received a $ 2,000 bail, ordered him to issue his passport, $ 100,000 dollars, not to interfere with state witnesses, reported to Borrowdale police station, and stayed at his address.

He will return to court on November 30.

Interestingly, one of Kangai's witnesses was released from Netone in October 2016 for allegations of corruption, and on December 28 wrote a letter to President Mnangagwa, who accused Mandiwanzira of misusing his office. He was looking at the letter "The birth and growth of the Zimbabwe ICT sector cartel."

Mandiwanzira declined these allegations when she claimed to be "discredited accusations of a former CEO who was involved in corruption by PWC's court auditing." Later, he was detained by the Zimbabwean Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC).

After several years of extrajudicial allegations and charges, November 30th will be the first time they appear face to face in court.

Meanwhile, this publication collected a letter of 2 November 2015 addressed to Mandiwanzira (copied to Kangai) and was written by Megawatt CEO Xiaodong Li, in which Netone was obliged to pay Megawatt $ 1 million in consulting fees.

"The meeting also confirmed that Huawei has pledged $ 1 million in fees for Megawatt consultation fees, including a $ 31 million rebate than Netone's $ 30 million Netone rebate to enable Netone to pay $ million of Megawatt " read the part of the letter.

According to Mail and Telegraph, Megawatt issued another $ 4 million invoice, which included "Fees for success."

The document also states that: "With all parties agreeing on the amount of the discount, we believe that it is necessary to renegotiate prices so Megawatt has fulfilled the mandate set by the Ministry, and we are going to present the invoice for NetOne's success later this week. the above advisory fee will also be included and therefore the total invoice to be transferred to NetOne is $ 4 million ($ 4,000,000), "

Mandywanzi's lawyers, however, lawyers Thembinkosi Magwaliba and Brian Hungwe, instructed by Selby Hwacha of Dube, Manikai & Hwacha, stated that their client claims that Megawatt provided consulting services at no cost to the government.

"He also (Mandiwanzira) also advised them that counseling led to the return of tens of millions of dollars to NetOne," his lawyers wrote in a statement issued on Tuesday.

-Mail and telegraph

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