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Spice Girls: Everything you need to know about Girl Power pioneers


Spice Girls returns to their first tour after ten years, though as a four-person without Victoria Beckham.

The group will begin six British dates and will board Manchester in June 2019.

When they are preparing to come back, there is plenty of everything you need to know about the pop group that was so vital to the 1990s culture.

– Beginning

Spice Girls in Beginning (PA)

The band performed on stage in 1996 with their debut singer Wannabe.

The track culminated with maps all over the world and powered five pieces into a world star.

Shortly thereafter, Top Of The Pops got the girls' nicknames – Victoria Beckham was Posh, Emma Bunton was Baby, Mel B was Scary, Mel Cish (Melanie Chisholm) was Sports, and Geri Halliwell, now Horner known as Ginger .

– The biggest hits

Geri Horner at Brity in 1997 (PA)

The girls followed Wannabe with string number one, including Say You'll Be There, 2 Become 1 and Spice Up Your Life.

Their debut album, Spice, made them the fastest-selling British act from The Beatles.

To date, they have sold more than 85 million records.

Their impact on popular culture was as big as their impact on charts, as the band gained its reinforcing Girl Power brand all over the world.

At the height of their glory they met with the royal roles, they were pictured with Nelson Mandela – who told the girls "my heroes" – and played with opera heavyweight Pavarotti.

They also provided iconic moments, such as their performance with the British in 1997, when Horner wore Union Jack dresses during their set.

Spice Girls joined the Cool Britannia trend and used their stellar power to support everything from deodorant to dolls.

The film, Spice World, was released in 1997, and despite the fact that Spices won the Razzie joint prize for the worst actress, it was a box hit.

– Geri leaves the group

Geri Horner (PA)

While the group was still strong, the change was on the horizon.

Horner, known as Ginger Spice, shocked the world when she left in 1998 when quoting "differences between us".

She left the others to finish her North American tour without her.

Later that year, the remaining spices released the song Goodbye, which was widely regarded as a tribute to Horner. She gave her the third Christmas number one.

But without a flamingo singer, it seemed that the key component was missing and the band split in 2000.

– Solo career

Spice Girls at the Exposition Awards (PA)

Horner did not waste any time at the start of his solo career, so songs such as Mi Chico Latino and Lift Me Up were topped in the UK in 1999.

Meanwhile, her former teammates had been calm for a few years.

They returned to the scene in 2000 with the double-sided A, Holler / Let Lost Lead The Way.

It was number one, but it was supposed to be the last Spice Girls by 2007.

In December 2000, the group went through their separate ways.

While there was no formal division, the girls announced an "indefinite break" and they all suggested that they would concentrate on their solo career.

The top former comrades followed in their tracks with their own single singles.

Chisholm, who says he is the most talented singer of the band, was enjoying hits like Never was the same and turned back to you again.

Beckham's "Out of Your Mind" was greatly fought at the top of the UK charts on the track with little-known Sophie Ellis Bextor, despite a huge promotional campaign. Later she began her fashion career.

Bunton, now a radio host, enjoyed the number one with What have you done so long? and also released Downtown cover while Brown, who became the judge of The X Factor, had a chart-topper with I Want You Back, featuring Missy Elliott.

– Meetings

Spice Girls on stage (PA)

After much speculation, the group announced in 2007 a tour after the meeting.

They introduced the album Greatest Hits and Friendship Never Ends.

In 2012, they reappeared at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

They also gathered to launch the musical phase inspired by their Viva Forever songs.

– New opportunities

Things disappeared until early 2018, when Horner shared a common picture about the Instagram group at his home and said: "The power of the girl is alive and well."

They then confirmed that they plan to cooperate on new projects.

Publicist Jo Milloy's statement to the group said: "We enjoyed a great afternoon conquest and a remembrance of the amazing times we spent together.

"We are always amazed at the great interest in Spice Girls around the world.

"Now they feel right to explore together some new incredible opportunities."

– Feud

Between Brown and Beckham there were reports of tension when Beckham apparently said he did not want to do a reunion tour.

Soon this year, Brown told Loose Women that it was a reunion but that one person decided.

"There's something that was a bit difficult, but she got inside," she said.

And she recently appeared in Beckham when she and her boyfriend dressed as Posh and Becks for Halloween.

The singer wore Beckham's face mask and held the inscription: "No, I'm not going to tour.

When she talked about free women on Monday, before the official spike girls tour, Brown said she thought Beckham thought her costume was fun.

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