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The Dale-Medical researcher scared that more children, like mysterious polio, grow more than a disease that goes every two years to 2014.

In this case, the Act is known as Faccused Mealelties or AMMs that is low and its peak has reached 2018. But most people believe.

"There is AMM, and where it is not going to go," Patrick Donald Junior of US Southwest Medical Medical Center, a mental health instructor and a child of a child's health, said Niemenne Grenberg, a disease adviser.

When children's clusters were developed exclusively in the United States in 2014, the dictator hoped that an incident occurred. After that, in 2016, more people came down with the same set of symptoms. This year, the Afghan MM record killed 165 people, many of them were young, formerly healthy children.

According to State Department of Texas Department, in the year 2018, 27 cases reported.

Experts say that we should hope to return again in 2020, every year of the patient's illness every year after summer.

To control the control of US centers, control controls and prevent them to say that they still do not know how to target panels.

"Like a mother, I know how scared for your children, and I think parents want to answer the mother," Dr. Nonsense Monroyer, National Center Director Director in the Navycee Conference. "CDC is a science-based agency. Now science is not our answer."

To create a career for another possible vacuum, the agency connects an MMX force. What is it about monitoring and supervising surveillance to monitor the state's health department and to diagnose the doctors and for the examination, when the patient is with patients suffering from ill-treatment.

"It is impossible that if we get the real answer (up to 2020), because this complicated complicated health challenge," Dr. Tomam E Clark, who is headed by a Medical Ecologicalologist, responds to an Afghan ECCC CCC. Dallas Marning News The statement "AFM to the extent we can not completely understand, we can not help protect the people against it."

Many experts, including Grenburg, say that the agency has been slowly named as an implicit cause of virus.

The name of DS 2014 under the name of AFM was widely associated with a large national absorption, which was already related to the associated infection. In 2018, 50% of PES patients have got D68 in their passages of patients.

Experts indicate other arguments that D68 may possibly be. Like Polio, D68 is an invoirus, part of the common group of large quantities, including fat, odor, eye disease, and hand, disease and foot disease. As an AFM, the interior shows the exhibition of bicycle. Pillow summer and summer polio, children of extreme illness. And almost three to 10 days before and after all the MMM patients had to suffer and other cold symptoms.

"We call an important part in a major part, if there was no escalation, the MMM cases that occur near the year between November and November, are likely to account for accountability and accountability D68." Grenburg, after treatment of a specialist hospital strike, has been treated for treatment of patients with illness and treatment of the following patients. He is a member of the DDD Work Force.

"I did not think it's 100 percent," he said. "But I think the language looks at least dirty language."

The CCD has been opposed that D68 and many other circular circuits circulate at the end of the end and it can identify its identification and detection identification. To confirm the reasons, the CDC states that it will be required to enter AF68 patients from the Spanish Range to the D68. In 2018, only a spin fluid sample came positive to D68. Other viruses were also present in the Spanish rival and nimple soup.

"While we agree that an important analysis is that viruses are playing role in the moment at this time, science is not the cause of MMM," ​​said D.C. Clarke.

Enterovirus D68 was first discovered in Berkeley, Café, 1962, after which 4 children were stiffly illicit disease. After that, health agencies have reported shortage of minority in Europe, Africa and South Asia, but there are cases of cold and throats in cases. Then, in 2014, more than D-68 patients in America, with severe cold, bronchitis and pneumonia. This year also enhances the MMM to 120 people.

The researchers have discovered that D68 has been able to attack and kill advanced sales.

In the study of September, Pir Sah's published Oz's access was published in M.E.E., researcher's old engineer, and ignored the symptoms in recent D68 formulas. They have detected that in 2014, isolated Spain samples were unable to effectively influence and copy it from 2014. But the discovery associated with the built-in XML was created with a new feature of the dos duser. The researcher said that they were particularly embarrassed that the old, more sophisticated forms of D68, could be different from different forms.

"The part of the divisions is that these levels of new levels have become broader in the whole world," said Richard Scheuermann, a study writer and la julie campus director at J. Craig Venter Institute in California. This means that we can see the developments of AMM in children.

The major part of the D1 68 major diseases also develops weight deficiency. It's another secret that scientists are trying to solve. Why do not you do something and others get sick?

In polio cases, the virus is just about 1 to 200 people in infections.

Experts believe that some people may probably be able to diagnose GMO or its immune system by causing other illnesses to be weak.

It is also believed that some FMM cases are caused by their immune system. D68 or immune system's immune system may attack and nerve in the body.

Grenburg is looking for both types of cases in both patients and they are different on their symptoms and MRI scans in different ways. He says that due to immune response, which can improve the health of the studio, can help guide the studios. With spanish cords that are directly cautious to different types of viruses and do not respond to them.

Overall, the recovery of most patients, however, can take a restoration year. The 44 EFMs were followed by her in patients, better than half-the-best, best after recovering.

Grenburg said that doctors and government health officials should assume that AFM should be returned.

"If we do not assume that we are making mistakes." "We have to plan, develop, develop," he said.

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