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Year of 2018 in the financial market


The year 2018 was marked by many unexpected markets in the market. After 2017, was one year, during which we offered a strong bulletin on the basis of tax reforms by the Dondressed Trumpet Government, which was translated 2018 into uncertainty and fear, the United States of America A, liquid oil on oil and some illness in Europe.

During the past few years, we had seen, the previous month of the year has been identified as Really, it was the worst December in terms of performance in S & P500 since 1931, in which 10% percent (per cent) Currently 2,506 points)

On December 19, Gondum Paul increased interest rates from 2.25% to 2.50%, after the season of season, interest rate will be at a high level. All members of the FD agreed to increase interest rates.

The FDR has been made in this statement, it has been clearly shown that the working market is strong and has shown a significantly strong picture of economic activity. In terms of global economic activity, Jeremiah Paul clearly has clearly clarified that they are relatively low. Infrastructure, in the three years of the next year, is 1.9 percent and 2.0 percent of the year increase.

Although we were on an unknown production curve line, which had historically been before the last record, at least now no longer matters. The current American 10-year production closes 2.78% on the year of 2018, which can not be enough to stop the good trade from the current stock market, although the stock is associated with the historic hi-fi in the market. Grow over the cost-effective meters

With some limitations of error, it may seem that the market has reached the end of current optimization.

We may see the problem as a constant factor that will move forward to the market.

An important note for gold is that it has been valued in the last ten years especially from November to 5 percent. There may be some chance to continue the current current patterns of samples, which may increase in the illness of the disease which we still remain in the 2019 era and continue to expect. By terminology, this may happen.

By 2019, we can see some fields that are hardly more interesting than others, for example biotechnology, technology, or gold-related fields, for example. For more domestic types for investment, there may be some opportunity for the EastFC to copy the market.

As mentioned above, the benefit of banking sector can be benefited more in terms of interest rates and may probably be represented for potentially capitalization.

This article was written by Vasu Morra

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