Thursday , September 23 2021

You can still get a $ 200 Sony Voice Recovery Hood to download up to $ 200 from 99.99

When the Sony WH-CH700N rejected the noise of the phone, the phone sold for $ 98, we told you that they were selling … and they did. These golden headphones were selling a wholesaler overnight, so it was once again rescued from 100 dollars to save. As it has been blown, however, we were all surprised at one shop for everyone, when one of the other buyers were arrested and the beloved phones reached $ 99.99. They re-sold in the market again, but they are in stock of white gold in a colorful color, so you still leave one another.

Here's the page page.

  • Order a push with AINC noise to your environment
  • So far, up to 35 hours, delayed and inconvenience charged
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming the NFC with one touch
  • Use the mouse to use the phone for free calls and your voice assistant
  • Sort your voice as you like "Sony". The app for Android / iOS connected to Headphones
  • Do not waste 50 hours noise when used with wired corn.
  • Tell more details with the 40mm driver
  • In the box: USB cable, Headphone cable
  • Contact Technologies: بلوٹوت; اين ايف سي

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