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A large mistake was given to Daniel Recotio Reynold for the Rule


The F1 Landmark Webber has released its concerns for Recyclone, once again again, he said that he did not leave the real bill for the rival.

Webber told this year earlier that he asked his country to stay in the Red Bull that the decision to change the teams in 2019 is that along with it for two years also, bring it together.

Rececroco calls medium through the weather, to drop the ship, sign a double-year deal with the real estate. But French organizations' strong performances have been convinced that Webbers should make the wrong mistake of 29 years wrong.

"I think we all count on it," told the Webmaster Mickey Games radio.

"In the industry people liked him (rest).

"I still have reasonably coordinated with the Redclub, as my friend (and formerly the plot) is David Collided, most of us talk. I had danced with Danny Dealer, and he knows that my post is on him. It does not change.

"I liked him to stay in a red bull."

Recorder was retrieved eight times in 2018, engineer and mechanical failure was increased in scary weather. In this four-wheel-storing, five-fifths of Meriszes ended the Putin's Putin's bottle, and after the end of his campaign, the ending line failed to cross the ending line.

But the rendering is distributed with its engine suppliers and instead, it will be teamed with the new Power Unit Unit Dealer Honda in 2019. It is believed that the energy team is hoping that it is hoped that chatting of Kata Mercedes needs to be cholished. And Frory.

Webcam Recovery has lost the Red Blood at this time when the team will work with the introduction of the Honda engine, meaning that it will try to create a part of the team's new technologies.

"I think I am coming with money and backward and honey, I do not believe that the next year they will be incredibly strong, but till 2020, I think they have a special success again. May be ". .

"To get the results, red bills are going to be the next year's year-old people who are at least say that they are difficult." Ronald, who runs the next year, wants to buy a cable cap, Hoodcast Abbey, In order to achieve the goals, there is a lot of reduction in board salary.

"I think you've just arrived there as a driver and you have a team that justifies it, it's an anxiety."

The last week's retreat was on its crossing 2018, which saw him more aggressive.

"I do not want to like him, & # 39; man, I've struggled, & # 39;" Tell Recyrosso Motorsports. "In the planetary planes, I have got it right and I did not say that my life has affected me.

"Sure, I felt the feelings of the game and the genres that I have already experienced before the past day.

"In fact, it's just trying to overcome these obstacles and continuous failures and trying to get back to yourself.

"I have to do so that this is not in any season before."

They take part in "continuous failure" recordings, decide to make decisions, they need a new challenge. The Renault has acknowledged that it was not in the immediate future to be a threat to the global title, but the long-term Racquardo team was impressed with long periods when he was signed.

Declaration of abandoning the Red Bill ended 29 years. He said that the uncertainty that he had accumulated, he was trying to make a big decision of his life to get more access to him and feel him.

"It was a long time and decided to talk about speech and talk to everyone," Ricocio said.

"It took me some energy, just trying to get back and figure out what was best for my future.

"It's been said a little while, and during that period I had lost some sleep in the ninja, but once I decided, I felt like it took some weight from my ear and my mind was clear. Has been deleted. "

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