Sunday , July 3 2022

Sydney, still paying prize to Melbourne


Finish your Lotus Ticket Last? Some people have three million dollars across the country, but they still do not know it.

Lot has been looking for three lucky winners to discover his fan page, including a winner from Sydney and two of the guests.

The winning Sydney Ticket was purchased by Canteen Newsletters in the CBD on Stuttle's Street, while Melbourne's tickets came from Don Donoster in West Doncaster News and Lotto, and Coborg hub Lotto in Korgober.

The exact price is in $ A1,018,499.24 dollars.

Apart from this, Mega Junk's other councils, New South Wales and South Australia's total $ A8,209,996.95 are the six nominated prizes sold in Canadas.

As long as the winning tickets did not register as a player's registration card, there is no way to track the loot of lucky winners.

Littian's spokesman Matt Hart has said that there are many things to celebrate in Australia's top priority places.

"We are in the rewards business, so we can not lose hope for united successes. Finally, we are getting victory over the weeks of their wind, discover the months and the same years." "he said.

"The national group is more than $ 8.2 million for national money, you may be able to test your previous tournament tickets in the celebration season!"

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