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December 24, 2018 19:13:15

An Argentine Radiator has been ordered to assume that the non-Muslims should be ignored on their show after allegation of discrimination against women.

Key point

  • Was accused of preaching "unwanted" and "treacherous" about hostile women
  • He agreed to authorize a lawyer for five months on his lawyer
  • Prosecutor has said that the matter means hosting the audience about the issues of gender.

Angels Exoder, known as "Bibi", has been subjected to judicial proceedings for the statement of "neutral, unhealthy, aggressive, ruin and innovation" about women.

He was accused of the fact that the feminists were described as "feminazis" and they were described as "hatred" on the air.

Prosecutor F Federico Welbela told the newspaper of Argentina Argentine newspaper that there were eight pages of discrimination statements in court papers.

But pre-pretending to avoid a case-trial case, Mrs. Daddy said that "repentance behavior" was.

Due to the fact that due to the fact that in the case of crime, the court had agreed that the experts would show up on their program for five months in gender issues.

Guests are allowed to talk up to 10 minutes, at which time Mr Echichtar will not be allowed to interfere.

He has been denied criticism after talking afterwards.

A list of approved merchants will be assigned by the prosecutor's office, with the process of court directed material guidance processor.

Assignant's representative of Mrs. Le Monde told that the theory of understanding was about graduation.

"It is important to me that Biblioteca's listening sound can be heard on other sounds and other specifications, many of them may be used."

"This is an unresponsive idea, but it is intended to bear."

Mr Echkotker apologized for his remarket and came after support, earning about $ 550 from Christian Khairat Kartas.

He should deny discrimination discrimination for the year, otherwise the judicial reconciliation will be terminated and will face the judicial process of Mr. Aqovokar courts.



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