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The mammals of the mother begin to look at the device of the Jews


Enron Aharon invented a new technology and is placed in a patent scanner, which has shown the deterioration of the skin suddenly.

Abigail Klein Lichman, 21th of Israel

Jairir Aharon was in the last year of studying his Ph.D. when his mother was diagnosed with the astrology.

To learn Ahsan about all of this skin cancellation, the result has come to an end that it can not be diagnosed in two years before the loss of multiple metabolism (usually the product) – at one stage Can be cured.

"Physics say that the percentage of skin cancer starts 50 percent" innocent "and then cancer, but it is aware of the pathology of roopolistine that 95 percent of innocent illness was started like cancer due to innocence. Why I could not imagine that the beginning of the beginning of the series could worsen, "Aharon tells ISRAEL21c.

"I saw a space here. I knew he was doing something under the skin if he was cancer."

Aharon to reduce some common quantities about using algorithm to remove differences between the scanning of the skin in different ideological fields, and to draw differences between the images.

"My friends said that if you want to agree to your mother, take it all over the world." And then I found it in the business. "

In 2015, he left his job as a researcher of the KLA-Tencor, which gave full insight into the development of Scale Medical, ( scanners and for the first time in the Trial Board. Chief Scientist and Singapore Israel Industry R & D Foundation (SIIRD).

The starting pack is based on the Protective Protector Scanner, Bloomsky, Darwin (Technique of theoretical Spectrum-Polymeritic imaging), which aims to create a recipe. He said that it provides real-time data and otherwise exists for dermatologists.

Save seven lives in clinical trials

In the early clinic, Soroka Medical Center, in Biharsa, received dosage of 100% of dosy technology 77 skin wines. In five clinics in Jerusalem, Rome and Texas, a 139 biodiversity study (POC) studied, resulting in a 92% feature and 100% sensitivity.

Aharon has said that the present histologists are four times better than the standard dermosopathy method.

"We have previously saved the stars in the clinic where we try our device," he said.

"A 25-year-old woman who has agreed to participate in a discipline has had a oil on her head for many years. She scanned with my machine and I saw a thread."

Though five-dimensional thinkers are going to be harmless, Aharon removed them for further examination.

"It became a melanoma in a better phase, and in the next few weeks, her episode was in Massacreb. Despite her doctor's case, she still died," Aharon says.

Prof. Anne Schimmer, a senior director of Shiba Medical Center in Oil, said that he believed that the BlueSky Prototype Dermatologist shows a great potential to help in creating more special monetary diagnosis and may also be used in the house to test your patient. We can

"Every single day, the patient tried to showcase skin cancer, to come to my clinic," she says. ISRAEL21c. The basic tool is a dermoscope to do this, but a boxing is required if the marks appear to be a scroll.

"Monkey's creation is the first-known dermuscope," he says. "It looks like the polaris ion on the oil, which is different from the binary molecule – it's a unique system and it's all spectacular."

One billion dollar market

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 132,000 new malnutrition cases evaluation of the world every year. Milanoma kills at an American every hour and is particularly spread in Australia and New Zealand. These are three other countries in which DOS is packed.

Scale Medical is one of the Payment Team International Corporations and executive of Medical devices industry, along with the Dematatologist and Surgeon of a consultative board. In a Jewish Zed Medical Center in Jerusalem, a senior leather surgeon is Dr. Leon Gilead, a medical director of the company.

For the introduction of the Mirosource Summit, it has been instructed to prepare for the purpose of acquiring ASEAN objective, to launch the clinical tension to ensure guidance and guidance of Gold Medical Director. (USC), Europe and MDA (Canada).

Aharon says that the required demand for the dermatology devices is $ 1 billion in the single US alone.

It comes to the additional potential of the skill scanner, which uses a user to use for a smartphone that works as a database for artificial information (AEA), new skin nervous patterns To search

"Technologies also have the ability to mark ambitious margins, so prevent unnecessarily recycling methods, stroke and fat from the implications of skin," he said.

"On the third stage, the scandal raises its first clinic marking of non-nanoscopic skin cancer. Finally, the scales will start regulatory approved home devices, which can lead to autonomous and quick-hearted therapies by energizing dermatologists. To grow

The company debuted the initial discussions with the leaders of the US, Germany, France, Italy, England, and the leaders of Israel's important opinion and tried to help the world.

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