Sunday , July 3 2022

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The President of the Crown Capital, President Benazir Bhutto Qadri said that people would not want anything to do with the army. Just want to vote right. If the army can prove its legitimacy, it will revolutionize Bangladesh in 2018.

He said, when the film Harroooo-Hymn appears when the party looks at the bullying campaign. Due to government fraud, this killer is important for heroes.

He said that the national press produced by Bangladeshi is based on national debate issued by National National Medical Medical (PSPP) based on the club.

Bangabir said that a famous actor like Mumtaz will not be a symbol of a basket of 5,000 votes except for the vote. People can make money to watch movies, they can not vote.

Qadir Siddiqui appealed to the voters and said that he should have to come out of the vote without the results.

At present, the National Alliance honesty was also a senior leader. Kamal Hossain, member of the BNPP committee, Nasir Islam Khan, civil-wing convoy Mahmood Mahmood ur Rehman Munna.

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