Monday , July 4 2022

Apply the tape tireer to the actual event


After one day, Ampire Tanvir Ahmed opened his mouth on his voice bank problem. Just a few days ago, Tanvir did not accept any mistake as a International Cricketer. He said that error has been wrong. This experience will help him to run on the next day.

It was reported that the last match in the last match of Bangladesh's final match was at the last end of West Indies's last last match match. Tanvir's overwhelming wardings had two new hair. But on the TV platform, it has felt that both of those who had followed the feet of Thomas. In this, Luntian Das was not caught second.

When they saw the Caribbean, they were not afraid of the gravity of the stadium in the field. Their commanders protest against Carlos Brotherhood. Because of why the hunt is closed for 8 minutes. Mitch Reef Jeffrey Koz and fourth umpire Shafoodulah came to see the earth and saw the situation in the competition.

Tanvir, admitted that some of his hair was wrong in his call, "there is no distinction in the hair and the feet are nearer." If you are very tense, there is a slight problem to understand.

He said, "I am new to international cricket." I'm wrong but notices, I have no bad history. It's a mistake We hope we get back very much. Everybody is a good day, one day. Tomorrow (Saturday) has come to my bad day. "It's just wrong, he said," Tomorrow's over tomorrow. I do not care about any guidance. I'm thinking about my mistake. "

In recent times, an example of bad umpiring in Bangladeshi cricket matches is being found in the Imperial Interior Cricket Emperor. Because he took the same place in the ICC Panel for the 2018-2019 season.

He began the hunting in the World Cup, which was on West Indies at West Entrance at T20 20. He had a third match.

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