Sunday , July 3 2022

I made a mistake: after the emperor another chaos


Bangladeshi epipier Tanvir Ahmed, who is not ranked third in the third and final Test of West Indies, does not have the blinking wicket angle that he has misled his experimental cause.

Tanvir has been said by Bengali puppies. "And if the ball hurts quickly, there are times on time. It's difficult to make a place. I am new to the international cricket, I made a mistake," said Emperor.

"Look at the past, I do not have a bad history. It was a mistake, Anshuullah I returned. Everybody is a good day and a bad day, tomorrow I am a bad day tomorrow. I do not say anything, but I do not say anything. I'm thinking about the mistake. "

The event was directed by One-day captain Carlos Brothy to wipe a camel, and he became aware that no decision could be made for the decision, the Mitch Officer was discussed. Bangladesh made 50 runs in the match, resulting in bundles.

"I never want to claim anyone else and I am lesser because because of these professors, professors are also professors and I have not thought that there is no better, good words, chants, subcontinents. He said that it is a hunting hunt that influenced the game.

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