Tuesday , July 5 2022

Pub mobile is here mobile


Daily Digital News: Are you a PUBG fan? So good news for you. The snowball mapping can be played on mobile in this time. Waiting for the moment, the new and updated newbie country's pub and Android system has reached smartphones.

After this, Meter, Iranle and Cenobook, is the fourth figure of this popular hunting. On December 20, the pub mobile 0.10.0 update covers one six kilometers – six weekly snowy maps. Actors who are playing on the vaccination for five to five days, the new update will be like 1.2GB on your mobile phone. Now Android and iOS users can download the map easily. To add a map to your game, upload the mobile app up to 0.10.0. Then you see, not only the map, but some new features have been added. A special mobile phone car will also be available. Moving to the area of ​​ice will be possible. Along with that, the players will be able to take part in the Snowball Ball war on Spanish. It is not here that the new update will include the G36C infrared rifle and the simpler mode. Now now, best player results will be shown in the results of the results. Additionally you can collect and collect daily mission rewards.


The popularity of the pub increases to an increase in height. According to a report, about 3 million players play this game every day. The game has been downloaded more than 20 million. Publications have become popular in mobile gaming in India. The Google Play Store also provided the best games. Sports has created addiction to a young generation. At this time, the wikel map has added to this game's emotion.


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