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Taxi unique success


The short film and 17th HYIS Asia Flow facility, presented by Bangladeshi filmmaker Sberin Sinti Tosa for the best film award for Mannipal, was held in India from 13 to 20 in Mumbai.

Tanin's short film & # 39; map & # 39; Out of various films, awards took place in 24 films.

& # 39; Map & # 39; Is a social relationship story The 28-minute short story of Bengali film joins Bengali jigsaw, which is unbearable. This is the image from Pune, the western part of the West Bengal.

The original two letters of this picture presented in Bengali are from west to neighboring countries, twice in the west. Nadiya's language is used in the movie.

In addition, many minerals and uses have been used. & # 39; Mina & # 39; Meaning fish And the middle talks speak of fish. The fishermen do not speak properly, they are creating words. Once again the fresh water came to the fishermen. The Bengali woman also has children in the picture, she has also been moved.

Arctana Gangram movie film & # 39; Mayelal & # 39; Did the movie Sophrapher Jhhra word, Hong Kong Thalal spoke by Art Direction and Popalik, edited by the editors. The film is produced by India's Film and Television Institute. The main character of the film, Titas Dutta, Pratim Dutt, Vikk Kumar and Deva Dixit.

Saba Saiji Tasi, who wrote the "Monpal" filmmaker, said, "I wrote the letters of Manapapa in Bangladesh. In 2011, I studied in the movie of Indian and Television Aviation Instructions (FTII) films and lip-writing. The course of the final diploma film The film 'Mip' is the. All other people are the processor of the FTII FTII. Shooting is very far in the pony, & # 39; Menepa & # 39; The Rewards are Rewarded.

The Siberian Siege Settlement is thoroughly recognized in the cultural section of Bengal and Upper Bengal. Stage works in the drama. He has done journalism. He belongs to the subjects, regulations and books. He wrote about the Tissue drama and the movie script in Bangladesh.

Post the Film Publishing and Writer Garyouit Diploma in Pune and India's Television Entertainment Institute of India, this has made many other short films before Siberian Segunti. Images are – Javed Miai (2011), Property (2014) and Pokopar (018).

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