Sunday , July 3 2022

A 300 km / h in the Mercedes AMG-GT Coupé 4 portes


Fruit des amours of CLS and du Coupé GT, cite version 4-places include simulation la voiture la plus puissante de la gamme AMG du moment. Sous ce long cap, on retrouve with V8 4l turbo, the portable cette fois-ci to 639 ch. Result, non-voltage, up to 100km / h in the area of ​​3.22seconds, the surtout un incroyable point of view is 322km / h. Et on a pu le vérifier.

The special privilege for this is that the Essaouira au Maroc and the other volumes are very useful, but the VC Max is not available for the pros. The clove, on the grill of the dough, is a bordeaux. Sièges baquets actifacts, voltage in aluminum, compte-touring centers, such as electronic configurations, on the other hand, as well as the instructions. Mode «Race». Donc on Sunday de «Confort» to «Sport», «Sport +» and Enfin «Race». Ok. «Launch control». Euh ok. C'est où? Ah oui Pied droit is suitable for accumulator, pied ball bearing. 3500 tours / other ruptures continue. Et on lâche le frein d'un seul coup.

A cet instant, which encompasses 80% of puissance aux rouri arriars to consolidate the volatile voltage of the conservative. Un peu comme si on avait l'élastique qui la retenait. 7 secondes plus tard, on 200. Jusque-là, on the basis of the V8 maize primarily for bite two sink. Puis 250. Puis 300. Au-delà, km / h for seconde and with a wide range of air conditioning v8. Compteze enclosed with an enclosed temperature of 322km / h. Oui, comme Lewis Hamilton. It's not just a tachymètre to leap on, but not even a waitout vraiment. The cassette of the cassette, with the stress of the compound, is just a non-contact device. On this day, we have a facility of déconcertante. Visiblement les ingenueurs ont l'habitude of conceivable voice voices of gens to 300 roulette!

This is a list of roule aussi vite, such as pied, on a 200km / h cruise effect. Or, this is a matter of time, when you are looking for a free or personalized vehicle at all times. Conforté par noire version céramique dim dimension is a 20 or 21 pouces, on the other hand. La décélération est flagrante. Presqu'aussi impressionnante que l'accélération. The car is covered with a wide range of vessels. This type of lens is used to ensure that it is used to reduce the amount of fluid in the plus and compenser le guidonnage.

These sensations and concentration concentration rials (and other types of sesame brands), such as non-functional environments may include the conditions of spychetics. Comme sur Youtube «non faites pahe chez vous». Car to 300, tout va vite. Trop, to make sure that you are not comfortable. Et le vivre, c'est container. Comptez un solids 170.000 € for accumulating accumulation and plus performance as well as the main ingredients.

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