Sunday , July 3 2022

Basketball never saw: The 18-year-old player arrives in the earthquake in Nairobi (earthquake).


There is a 130-kilograms of steel which is mounted on top and as a leader, a dialect: From 18 to 18, Sean Williamson fooled the United States University and appeared in a few months to come to NNA.

The strong rebellion between the four guards, has not come from a catastrophic that he has played with his head, and like a dot.

In every game, the vicinity of the Duke University is playing with him in the same way as gravity, on its 129kg meter.

Yes Professor North American is already one of the biggest players in the basketball, but with the exception of the large Baban Marjanolik, which takes 131 kg and 2.21 steps.

"Atlantic like that, we see a generation," Veteran Golden Wear Wars Vaughn said that during a break in Bill Sim Simpson Podcast. "Personally, I have never seen anyone else."

The modern bass basketball, which was reduced, was returned to the far-left address, it was not ready for Holk to improve the third pole of Rugby, but the rest reached 1.14.

"I think there is only one Liberhouse"

Zion Williamson is not a fair trend, which is the basketball basketball, which was stimulating to the general size for 14 years, calls for a game and real touch.

His models are not exactly what they make, such as Shebela Nail or Carl Mallon.

In addition to Michael Jordan and the Magician Johnson, he described Larry Bird, who has made his observation a business in information, co-operation of ethics and power.

Intriguing competition is to keep the world's world in a box, with its magnificent spectacular predecessors.

"I think there is only one Liberhouse" Regarding the newly renowned Golden State Warrior coach Steve Lee Lieberman James, today in the Caribbean (113kg 2.03m) standard in the Nabi Bucharion.

Other things appear to be inherited as a heir, shield and capability, which are marked by themselves, such as Charles Burkley or Larry Johnson, capable of playing a big game with their size.

"Bombard bombardment"

"More than me a kiss"However, the barrel says that at the De Janeiro show in the radio show, brief discussion discussions.

In order to enter the NNA, more than 136 kilogram of kilograms were lost from Barclay. "It's easy for me"He says, "Because I was touched … (…) but I do not know if it's possible for him, do not think he's cool."

So it is possible that a functionality in physical management was moved to Malimer, so that the body could not be completely covered by the entire road to be cut off.

On Thursday, on a missionary show in New York, Masonen Square showed a beautiful showcase for young teenagers on summer, easy to smile, against young teenagers, her teenager tech, even to her limit.

His passion is incredible, read his game full and his defense is far more towards the passion of exception. And if they show some signs of this annoyance, if they are present and effective in the following: 17 points and 13 retirees only in 25 minutes.

His coach, Mike Kzzczecci, this season's title is not anxious about the team's Duke's name, questioning the number 1 Billiville about many of the many favorite questions for the University of University (CNA).

"It's not a challenge, it's an extraordinary opportunity." To train him, after entering the successful victory of his team on this Tennis Tank (69-58).

Zionists are presenting the first round of the UNB draft in the past, selecting youngsters to play for Ashok, whereas MDD Briet has been announced in the second place.

In the middle of a new destruction season, New York Chuck, who has been dreaming about the future star five-star starred with his legendary hall.

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