Monday , July 4 2022

Car accident carrier: Sewerage MMM $ 10 million


The world

Pir South Korea has announced that Germany's BMMMM will lose 10 million dollars on the dam.

BMWF images were reported in South Korea in summer, the local press release reported more than 40 cases. Facing the fears of German workers in driving areas will deny them.

BMM has mentioned more than 170,000 vehicles in the South Korea, as an error has a problem in the system, resulting in engineer strengthening.

In Australia, announced that in Europe two Europeans including South Korea, and missiles of 480,000 vehicles of some Asian countries, will remember one million additional cars.

"BMW has already announced that this poor cooling system is not familiar with the air between 20th and July," he said. "But we know that a special team was created to solve the system of German Midnight BMB's October 2015 system resolved."

The ministry, which has jointly announced an investigation with five special investigations of investigations, has also accused the industry that it has mentioned in internal documentation from issue 2017.

In addition, the ministry has been penalized for USD 11.2 billion (9.9 million dollars) and will be asked by the court to investigate the responsibility that the German group has acknowledged the problem and was asked to remember vehicles.

In Korea, 10 out of six cars have been imported from Germany. In the first half of the BMB, about 39,000 vehicles were sold, according to the Association of Australian Trade Coriners and Businesses Association.

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