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Element: For Christmas, please hit your heart: Health


On December 12, a Swedish study in the British Medical Journal and was delivered by France International, New Testament exams our tenth year exams. Combining closed-up medical records 300,000 A hospital was hospitalized for an infrared infection between 1998 and 2013, researcher has observed that the evening of the evening ended at 22:00, 37% of the second time when the polar sprayed more than the clay of bones do not have.

This important information is a few hours a few minutes before taking the paste structure under the table: People are mostly likely to be affected, which are more than 75 years, which have been detected or affected by the Koronary Heart disease.

Trouble and Pull

As explicitly exclusively the pedestrian model of Syria is increased, more foods, alcohol, nuts and coats – but it will not feel that in our areas this year has come suddenly.

He said that it is noticed that chronic pressure from christmas pressure, root bribery, acid, pearl or throat is more dangerous than smoking. It is also described, at least this case is in France, it has been consolidated for 24 hours by an injury to the hands of emergency conditions.

In other words, in relation to the curse of Eve, everyone can see the door at their door. (That morning)

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