Monday , July 4 2022

Eve Christ: An eternity in confusion


It saved December 24, from her heart. The letter of Medical Infections will increase by 37% on Christmas Eve. It also reached its height at 22h!

But do you like to christmas in a emergency room for an unwanted or unwanted holiday?
But do you like to christmas in a emergency room for an unwanted or unwanted holiday? © Radio France / Older Bisex

That's not funny It is a Swedish study that states that it was published on the British Medical Journal on December 12. Investigators from four-Swedish universities recalled a medical record of about 300,000 people, named after the hospital for the medieval infection between 1998 and 2013.

He nevericed that the risk of christmas is especially for people who are less than 75 years of age, with known diabetes or coronary heart disease.

About accountability, add to this particular evening, food, alcohol, lack of sleep, and sometimes overflow, at the time, on the heat. As a professor of physiological lipostolol of emergency medicine, "The effort to fight against our cold, this produces a little more energy. This is for the only reason that when you look at the Shashi Shashi, you can see that the railway station and the smallest calamity or death arrest in the oceans are because of the place where a little more emphasis is going on, it will go a little bit more, a little bit more. . And then, when we're watching TV, maybe it might feel emotional to conquer or lose your favorite team, it seems to be. "

And if it does not happen in your heart …

Diagnostic remembers that when there is more chronic illness risks than syxs or estates. Traditionally evening or next day, there are more symptoms related to wound in the illness, from the unexpected opening of Samea.

Another "classic" of Emergency Services on the new year's supremacy: The rigorous chronic inflammation that can lead to heart failure when they break in food without losing.

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