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Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, side by side against Donald Trump



Two stars released a very engaging message through a video posted on NowThisNews, on the edge of Wednesday 2018.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are strongly committed to Donald Trump's America. In a four-minute video posted on NowThisNews and converted to Twitter and Instagram, two Hollywood stars call voters to vote. DiCaprio has never captured his militant character, especially in relation to the protection of the planet. Also thanks to the 43rd Annual Actors, the population of Bengal Tigers has doubled in Nepal since 2009 thanks to the large funding of the animal protection project. This time, he took the opportunity on November 6 to vote in the middle to send a message to his compatriots along with Brad Pitt, with whom he shared the bill. Once in Hollywood, signed Tarantino,

We remind you that this is a replacement for the House of Representatives (435 seats) and thirds of the US Senate (100 seats). Research is of great importance because it has the power to award the US presidential majority to the parliamentary majority. And that's not new, Hollywood is the first front of resistance against the current tenant of the White House, Donald Trump.

"The future is in your hands"

"The future of America is in your hands, from arms control to migration policy, there are many interventions – access to fresh air and the threat to clean water, as well as access to the health system.Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt recalls that these elections will have an impact onjustice reforms, climate change, education funding, and even electoral lawActors remind us of the importance of these elections and try to mobilize citizens in a way that everyone can go to the polling station and make sure every vote counts. Republicans win this vote, whose share determines whether the Americans want – or not – to keep Donald Trump as president.

In recent weeks, encouraging voices and actors have been gathered on the Web. The vast majority of them are in favor of the Democrats. Among them are Sophia Bush (Sarah Paulson), Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory), Laura Prepon (Alycia Debnam Carey) Lena Headey (The Throne Game), Olivia Wilde,

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