Tuesday , July 5 2022

Anugrah Sekar apologizes to Indonesian people and cancels reports on Saddam Ramdani's case


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Cases of persecution by the U-19 national team and Persela Lamongan, Saddil Ramdani, are now beginning to find a way of light.

Former Saddil, Anugrah's former lover, Sekar Rukmi, reported his violent acts behind him basecamp Persela na Jalan DR. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo on Wednesday (March 31, 2018).

Now, however, it is well known that they both did and did not act in the legal field.

This is known from the Instasura upload sent by Sekar to his Instagram account on Monday (11/05/2018).

Sekar apologized for the noise caused by him and Saddi Ramdani.

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"I am Anugrah Sekar apologetic of everything that happened between me and Saddam Ramdanim, to the entire Indonesian people," Sekar wrote in Instastory upload.

"Sorry, Saddil and I have caused such a stir," he added.

He also informed that his condition and Saddil are all right.

So is his family relationship with the Sulawesi soccer player.

Formerly known, Secar suffered torn wounds in the lower right eye.


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