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Each month, 10 to 15 residents of the Blitar are infected with HIV Online nation


Head of Department for Disease Prevention, Blitar District Health Authority, Krisna Yekti.

BLITAR, BANGSAONLINE.com – The transmission rate of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Blitar is still worrying. The local health service notes that at least 10 to 15 new HIV-infected patients are reported each month. This is the discovery of the head of the prevention of the eradication of the diseases of the district health care institution Blitar Krisna Yekti.

"Every month, the news that we receive comes from 10 to 15 new patients, which is just a report or finding of Dinkas officers, which means there may still be those who did not report or even close when they feel that they committed the virus, "said Krsna Yekti 11/2018.

New patients suffering from HIV / AIDS in Blitar Regency control the manufacturing population from 35 to 45 years. But some of them are still toddlers and teenagers. In addition to being predominantly productive, those who are HIV-positive are those who are at high risk of HIV transmission.

"Most of the broadcasts are through sexual intercourse, so many of them are really high-risk groups, but there are homewives and toddlers, wives usually close from their husbands while babies get infected by their mothers," he explained.

According to him, since his first findings in 2005, the number of people with HIV / AIDS has so far reached 1332. Of these, 361 people died. "Of these, 612 are HIV, while 710 AIDS," he added.

In response to the increasing transmission of HIV AIDS, the Blitar Regency government has indeed made a lot of effort through the Health Authority. One of these is to socialize and educate the public about the dangers and transmission of HIV / AIDS. While those who have signed the DHO continue to provide routine care and help.

"In addition to socializing that cope with widespread transmission of healing viruses to those who have already closed it, it also continues." VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) at Ngudi Waluyo Hospital, Blitar Regency, "he concluded. (in / rev)

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