Monday , July 4 2022

Foreigners who are fiduciary in illegal debt cases are investors


Jakarta, – Barristerm Brigadier-General (Paul) Helmi Santika, director of the Special Economic Crimes in the National Police, said in a criminal loan case Online Those who went illegal are capitalists.

The accused, who is a foreign citizen (WNA), is the primary ZJ.

Helmie said, ZJ provides tools for recruiting employees to become employees Debt collector And SMS Blaster Illegal loan for a tree.

The Criminal Investigation Unit of the police, Helmi, said, “In addition to acting as a mentor to the operators, the suspect ZJ, who is a foreign citizen, is also a financial person who sent unsolicited sms. 15/10/2021).

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ZJ’s address is in Tigerring, Benton. However, he could not be found at this location when the police arrived at the address.

From the scene, the police seized several evidence in the case of 48 witness units, 2 CPU units, 2 laptop units and 2 monitor units.

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Helmi said police are still investigating the company funded by ZJ.

According to him, the tools used by ZJ for their employees come from foreign countries.

“Of course we will study everything, how that stuff works, where it came from. Of course we cooperate (with Customs and Excise), this is just not the case in the country, “he said.

In addition, investigators from Barscream Polari have arrested seven people in Jakarta in this case.

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Seven people as Debt collector And operators SMS ing Macau.

The respondents are charged with violating Article 45B with Article 29 and / or Article 45 paragraph (1) as well as Article 27 paragraph (1) and / or Article 45 paragraph (3) and Article 45 paragraph (3) and / or Article 45. Paragraph (4) Article 27 paragraph (4) and / or Article 51 paragraph (1) together with Article 19 of Law No. 19 of 2016 Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) and / or Article 3, Article 4. , And Article 5 of the Law No. 2010 in connection with the Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering and / or Article 311 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code combined with Article 55 paragraph (1) of the First Criminal Code.

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