Monday , July 4 2022

The XSR 155 modification trend in plumbing, offers an older environment


mobilinanews (Palembang) – Custom Lifestyle XSR 155 is spread not in Java but also in Sumatra. Particularly in plumbing, the trend is a rare trend for the XSR 155 modification to the tractor and scammer styles.

This is as stated by Achmad Fadri Alfarezi, General Chairperson XSR Brother Indonesia (XBI) Palmbang.

“Currently, XSR 155 users prefer poly tracker custom tracker and scammer styling. This style model can meet the need for appearance while driving and is suitable for users who are mostly adults. Riding with the XSR 155 creates an old atmosphere when traveling around the city of Plumbing, or when riding with friends riding the XSR 155.

The man who accidentally revealed to the Fad Eight and Faddy the Faddy revealed that the XSR 155 was his first Yamaha brand motorcycle.

XSR 155 is a motorcycle that is different from .in. It makes it attractive and expensive. And there are a lot of changes to choose from, ”Fadri said.

In addition, Diane Toto, a pal of Palumbing, said with national success, that in addition to the Tractor and the Scheduler, the consumer-preferred style of the XSR 155 can also develop into a cafe racer.

“It could be interesting because of the tastes of the XSR 155 users who want to see this bike look different from the standard. When there is a revamped competition, there is already a feature of the XSR 155 Cafe Racer. With this model, it is used to hang around for walking, camping, sunrise or short-distance city tours, ”explained Diane Toto. (W)

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