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YKI: Healthy Foods and Lifestyle Prevents Cancer


Healthy eating and lifestyle can help reduce the risk of cancer

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Jakarta – The General Chairperson of the Cancer Foundation of Indonesia (YKI), Professor Aro Vasakiso Soodo, said it is important to maintain a healthy, nutritious and safe diet for the body’s health as part of its cancer prevention efforts. As.

“We must remember that our environment and our lifestyle and our diet are cancer risk factors that we must include in healthy measures to provide nutrition and nutrition,” Arrow One Virtual. said in the Divine Will. World Food Day, make sure healthy food is available Jakarta 1, Friday (15/10).

Arrow said the quality of food and food packaging is important, especially to avoid those that contain carcinogens that cause cancer.

Thus, people need to be educated that they avoid carcinogenic foods and packaging, because if they do not understand, then they can eat live foods that contain carcinogenic ingredients that can lead to cancer and health. Could put at risk.

Arrow said 5% of cancers are caused by genetic or hereditary causes, while 90-95% of the risk factors that cause cancer come from the environment, including living and eating food.

The types of foods that are carcinogenic or cause cancer depend on the food, the food processing process and the packaging of the food.

Cancer itself is time consuming to be able to reach that level or to look at a symptom or cancer symptom. This means that the time is actually up to the time to stop the cancer from being born, namely life and food consumption.

“We consider food to be a risk factor for cancer cancer Cancer alone is between 10 and 20 years old. So the cancer that the 55-year-old patient actually started was from an abnormal cell division that was not known and could not be controlled. This time through the body. He’s in 30 years, “Arrow said.

He said that smoking was a cancer risk of up to 30% but food and ratios as high as 35%.

Therefore, one should be careful in the use of consuming foods so that carcinogenic substances do not enter the body. In addition to using healthy, nutritious, and safe foods, it is important for cancer survivors to maintain weight and exercise.

Types of foods that may increase the risk of cancer are meat that is processed by smoking, snacking, canning and storing such as packaged sausages and nuggets, as well as illed reef meat.

Protectors and supplements can also stimulate the cancer cell cycle. Consumption of sugar and saturated carbohydrates and alcohol may also increase the risk of cancer.

Consuming high amounts of sugar and starch foods can lead to type 2 diabetes and obesity, thus increasing the risk of cancer.

Food packaging that you need to look at includes: Styrofoam, PFA-ated packing, and ned rail packing.

Thus, Arrow invites the public to avoid cancer from cancer today, among them, by avoiding the consumption of foods or beverages that contain carcinogens, adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, weight gain. Maintain, screen for cancerous skin and detect cancer.

In addition, the parties can collaborate and work together to provide information and understanding to educate the public on cancer prevention, including the importance of healthy and healthy eating and carcinogenic use. Avoid food or beverages.

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