Tuesday , July 5 2022

4 years from the siege of Marv, Duterte says PRL firmweight versus extremists


DAVAO CITY – President Duterte said his administration was steadfast in its fight against terrorism and violent extremism as it praised the ongoing construction of the Marawi City, which was defeated by six months of fighting in 2017 as it was localized. The network is terrorized by ISIS. Group.

“The government will remain steadfast in protecting the nation against terrorism, violent extremism and illegal elements,” Duterte said on Saturday in memory of the fourth anniversary of the independence of the city of Marawi on Saturday.

In his speech during a ceremony held in the Marawi town of Lanua del Sur, Duterte hoped that the nation “would overcome any challenge that would test its power and people’s unity.”

“So let’s continue to work together to secure a better, safer and more prosperous future for the continuing Marawians,” he said.

He also praised the “sacrifice and bravery” of soldiers and police personnel, with the Islamic State defeating La Ma Appal Mount Group, which occupied the city in May-October 2017.

Let me let the President release our soldiers and police personnel and the local constituents after five months of fighting in defense and independence of the Marawi City because of their bravery, sacrifice and commitment. “I pray to God that it will never happen, ever yonder.”

Despite criticizing the slow pace of construction work, the government, Duterte said, “is trying its best to complete the restoration projects as soon as possible,” he said, adding that the government “will bring back the greatness of the city.” Is committed.

It distributes title certificates for permanent residential units by the National Housing Authority, and transfers financial support from the Cooperative Development Authority.

He also inspected the newly constructed Jimmu Mindanao al-Islami or Ground Mosque, which is considered to be the largest house of worship in the city of Marawi.

He appreciated the work of Tung Force Bangan Marawi under the Bangon Marawi Comprehensive Recovery and Rehabilitation Program. The Task Force was created immediately after the government took control of Marawi City from the Moot Group.

“We will continue to cooperate with the concerned appeal stakeholders so that Malawi can build a better and stronger backyard,” he said.

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