Tuesday , July 5 2022

Minecraft’s allay mob gets votes and automatically collects things for you


October 17, 2021 Alliance gets a vote, so it will be included in Minecraft.

We said goodbye to Minecraft Live 2021, and the madness in the wave then provided us with a new group selection to choose from in the game. The ultimate winner was the Collection of Goods, which will be included in Minecraft 2022 as part of the Wild Update.

The street looks like a blue today with bat wings. If you give it something, it will go away and the nearest item dropped is the same type. But, as devs note Twitter, He doesn’t copy the item or the rifle through his chest – it’s purely about carrying something when it has been dropped over the world. Alai will then drop the collected items near a note block, apparently because he likes to dance.

This year the options or options were shiny, a dark one-o’clock today because the guy who was voted for in the first round, and the copper balloon, a fiery fellow who runs a copper button to run. There is always the possibility that the voter will eventually join the game, but there is certainly no guarantee. Last year’s winner was the Glow Squad.

You can check out the official allay teaser bellow.


Even before the vote was issued, Minecraft Moders put a trial version of the creature into the game to get an idea of ​​what it might take.


To play the dig on the sandbox box for Wild (and Minecraft 1.18 release date before that), you can follow this link.

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