Tuesday , July 5 2022

New grades will pay 1.80 to € 1,000 pension


According to the EY, due to the combined effect of the update from January to August, the pensioners’ net monthly income in this situation is over 6.16 euros.

With a pension of 1,000 euros, single or widow dependent, without dependence, gross net income will also rise by 0.7%, due to the combined effect of changes in the IRS scales and pension updates (0.5 yr 0.5%, in this way ). After one year, the pensioner will receive 86.25 euros (of which 25.32 euros are paid by the new level). Each month, it will be 6.16 € (1.80 € through new levels), according to EY by JN / Dinheiro Vivo.

Most pensioners (at least a million of them) will see no effect next year from changes in the IRS ranks. Finally, it achieves value and at least the exception to this existence, in the absence of other income. For a minority who receives a payable pension amount, the declared distribution levels (in the 3rd and 6th, 7th to 9th) will reduce by a few cents to less than two euros.

Estimates from the consultant’s calculations estimate that the proposed State Budget (OE), as it stands, may be on pensions. They do not take into account a dozen breaks, but also an extraordinary update for a minimum pension of € 10 until August, and also a regular update, based on inflation considering the OE proposal, 0.9%, already In January General Chat Chat Lounge

Low pension

With no impact from the new IRS tires, the pension will see 1.5 worth of support and social support index (€ 664.12, in principle, with IAS updates) next year disposable income increase stream, especially with the addition of ul 10. As a result of General Chat Chat Lounge But, as it will be effective from August through August, it will get € 60 clean. In the case of pension of pension 635, the revenue and the river flows 0.7% to 50 8950 per year.

Further, on, and off, the average pension payment by Social Security, a pensioner who receives £ 2,500 a month, sees his net income rise 0.5%, with an additional 7 137.63 annually (or 9.8 € per month). , And in line with the pension given in the pension. Part of the IRS staff shift is minimal. It costs 2.37 euros a year at the end of the year, or 17 cents a month.

Average amount paid

But these are the accounts that will not be done by most pensioners. If there are about a million million pensioners receiving less than 4 664 a month, in government calculations, the average pension paid by Social Security (not counting the Caixa Geral de Aposentações pensions) last year was € 501.77. (+ 2.2%) compared to 2019), according to OE2022 proposal data.

The average new old pension paid last year fell to a second year (-1.1%), standing at 586.48.

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