Tuesday , July 5 2022

New Horizons Think about designers who use the DLC Happy Home Paradise


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has recently revealed the next update that will test your grooming skills. on the Happy home paradiseYou can also vacation vacation apartments and outdoor accommodation for tourist destinations.

Everyone will have their own preferences and you need to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in their apartment. Inside, you will need to adjust the lighting and sound. Individual items can be changed, such as size of rooms, walls or balconies …

You can add trees with prominent trees and walkways or specify weather, time of day and climate (again eling is not allowed, though). On your holiday center island, you will find vacant buildings to be converted into schools, restaurants, cafes, shops or hospitals. After the work day, you will receive new currency to buy items for your home and center.

It will be possible to review your apartment and share it with yen. Online, you can also visit the world of friends and players yen players. You can invite your neighbors to build a home for them, and if you have an amiibo, P is a special comfort zone for NPCs such as Mario, Tommy and Tommy. With a lot of experience and a reputable reputation, you can repair and repair future homes on your island.

DLC The price of a happy home paradise. 24.99 And it will be available at the same time with Animal Crossing: New Horizon Version 2.0, November 5. Finally, as long as the owner l’abonnement Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass ($ 39.99 per year) you get “free” access to previously paid DLC content …

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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