Tuesday , July 5 2022

Amr Diab’s fierce rivalry angered Jordanians


Egyptian artist Amar Deb’s concert, in the Olaha oasis in the Aqaba Governorate, angered many Jordanians that Corona did not take protective measures against the virus.

Activists on social media circulated the video showing the large number of attendees at the concert by the Egyptian artist, which was held in Aqaba city on Friday evening.

Egyptian artist, Amar Deb, appeared Friday evening, in a private corona test lab, with laboratory staff preparing for the start of his concert at the Aqaba Govt.

Amar Deb shared his fans and followers on the “Official Instagram” website, a picture from inside the plane, along with a number of his friends, before the concert began yesterday.

The concert by artist Amar Deb is held in a closed arena with 4,000 seats.

In addition, the Jordanian Ministry of Interior published photos of the restaurant and public safety inspection procedures at the Ella Oasis in the Oqa Governorate by the LA authorities appealing for Egyptian artist Amar Deb’s concert.

Vice President of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Commissioner of Tourism, Shahabel Madi, confirmed this week that closed closed ceremonies, including the Amr Diab’s, will be subject to strict and strict procedures in accordance with the Health Protocol.

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