Tuesday , July 5 2022

Inauguration of first treatment unit for elderly citizens at Amal Hospital


Emirates Foundation for Health Services has inaugurated the first specialized mental health treatment unit for inpatient mental health patients at El Amal Hospital for Mental Health, the first of its kind in the UAE.

The project comes in accordance with the guidelines of the United Arab Emirates Government so as to provide a better quality of life for the elderly citizens, and to provide them with a better and more secure and secure life, thus integrating them into social life and wining. Help out Their capacities in coping with various psychological challenges.

The purpose of the new treatment unit is to serve elderly citizens who are suffering from a serious psychiatric illness and need to be hospitalized for diagnosis and treatment.

The unit is managed by a highly educated multidisciplinary team comprising a selection of psychologists and social specialists, Emirates Health Services Corporation, and Maudsley Health Center, the world’s oldest and most important psychological institution. one of.

Dr. Yusuf Mohammed Al-Sircal, Director General Emeritus Foundation for Health Services, emphasized the desire to provide extraordinary health facilities to elderly citizens in accordance with the guidance of wise leadership, to improve their quality of life, to raise awareness of them. Including plans for health and psychological needs, and their mental health care plans in national health planning strategies, where they are currently empowered. The first of its kind in the area.

He pointed to the importance of local and international partnerships that the Foundation seeks to document with a center of international expertise, by developing and qualifying medical and technical cadres, supporting and enhancing scientific research in the field of mental health, information systems. develop and update. Statistical Database on Mental Health Within the framework of the National Mental Health Policy, which aims to develop and strengthen, comprehensive, integrated and responsive mental health services that are responsive to those needs and to the categories and categories. Directed to Community of Age.

For its part, the director of the Foundation’s Mental Health Department, Dr. Noor Al-Mahari, confirmed that the purpose of establishing a treatment unit is to improve mental health services that have been directed at elderly citizens to address physical and psychological changes in aging. Let’s face By assessing the stage, behavior and awareness of patients, treatment procedures, methods of effective listening and behavioral and psychosocial support. The latest policies are to meet and prepare for challenges and challenges.

The Director of the Alamal Hospital for Mental Health, Dr. Amina Tarki Ali, pointed out that for the senior citizens, the mental health specialist in the Mental Health Unit enhances the performance of integrated and comprehensive mental health services for this respected group of societies. An effective method that offers the best scientific evidence available, resource utilization and consistent training.

He explained that the most common disorders of the disorders and depression in the elderly are depression, anxiety and Alzheimer’s, resulting in poor cognitive and cognitive abilities, where appropriate behavior and pharmacological treatments are used for them, and provided a supportive environment. Because they feel confident, confident and confident. Safe.

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