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Six of these years following the following AR Skid Game: Warning Parents in England That They Will Not Watch the Series


Following the series is a legendary dead reality show in which contestants will compete for a million prizes.  Photo: IMDb

Following the series is a legendary reality show in which contestants will compete for a million prizes. Photo: IMDb

District Council Bedfordshire From the south of England is the Parents and guardians were sent an online notice asking them to be careful as they received reports that children and teenagers were copying violent games from the popular Netflix series. Squad the game، کي is the Otherwise marked with 15+.

We seriously recommend you not watch the watch series on the series Squad the game. This is because of the graphic display they display so violently.a, ”they wrote, according to The Guardian.

A similar note has been sent to parents by some schools, which noticed that violent versions of the game have been spread. There are reports from Belgium that the children beat the game’s peasants.

In the series, actors compete with the indebted role of the social strata, with one for a fantastic sum (32 million euros) in traditional Korean children’s games, but their failed attempts cost them lives. even if is the The series has shown violent staging of fireworks and execution with cold steel, and there are several games that children can play on the playground, such as ropes and marble ingots.

Squad Game: How high is the cost of survival in the capital system?

As the Guardian points out, however, children don’t even see the series yet, but see their quote Tic taco And other or social Platform, The rules of the version and the games where users post.

Let’s mention that you are is the 111 million Netflix users streamed the series in the first 28 days of playback, is the Famous dramas from the first genre to the legendary historical drama BridgertonGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Thus, Erin is understood to be violent in order to punish ransom. Especially popular is the the game light white, green light – Be the seventh country in our country Ljubljana Zagreb Belgrade stop – When the players try to move to the side of the court, the one who counts will turn at the end of the count. Who doesn’t stop is the Exit from the game.

In children’s aren’s game HoneyWhen the contestants in the series had to do Squad the game Use a needle to rin the image on the hard biscuits without breaking it. is the It has raised concerns that children can be severely burned in the process of sugar caramelization, which they are already doing. Tic tacoGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Melt the sugar To form a cookie, the rinse map should be carved with a needle.  Photo: EPA

Melt the sugar To form a cookie, the rinse map should be carved with a needle. Photo: EPA

Thinking Scenes: “We Want to Fear Actors”

Shots in the series themselves are also presented very realistically, as versions of children’s arenas playgrounds, games and games with the help of L version computer images (CGI), “So the actors on the set felt like little Ann Arn today“, is the for the the sea The director of the series explained هوانگ VND-Hook Adding that they want a space for violent sports and violent violence, “Which will shake memories“.

In doing so, they paid a lot of money to play marble, where they established a traditional South Korean quarter. “We pay attention to the scene from this scene. We spend a lot of time – and our biggest concern is the There was a way to stage a sunset. We want to stage a stage that will be a thin line between reality and appearance.

Even in the fifth game, where the players jumped from the height on the glass panels of the bridge, they used real glasses. “Even a height of 1.5 meters may scare you. And glass them is the (The players) also actually bothered me. Thus, we were able to show uncontrolled body movement even when is the Under the. to feel is the It was like jumping over a real bridge, a game is the It was real, and they felt it,is the Have been added

North Korea bans the series

even if is the Netflix has been banned in North Korea on the first streaming and streaming streaming series in 90 countries around the world and is labeled “.The sad reality of South Korean society“Since the series gives es on capital and capital values ​​such as is the Money, “A world in which money and money counts and in which is the Like hell“In addition, it celebrates the society in which they are.”Corruption and immoral rituals have some in common“.

South Korean game: A little American, but by Beijing’s standards

As the BBC notes is the The series arrived at a large scale due to a number of factors: Tsunami Korean Culture, Which is gaining prominence in Western culture, which is primarily related to the trend of music with K-pop ors audiences, and EpidemicGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

A ladder is reminiscent of a video game scene in a series.  Photo: Netflix

A ladder is reminiscent of a video game scene in a series. Photo: Netflix

on the. Came. Some drama They have been very popular in Asia for many years. Mainly because of the liberalization of South Korean society, that is the He began to invest heavily in film production of the genre.

However is the Japan struggled with declining economic growth in the 1990s and China with its rise, is the South Korea seized the opportunity – submitted is the Television content that was close to American broadcasting but morally acceptable for Beijing.

Thus, Korean K-drama is entering more and more into the lives of residents of Asian countries.

In addition, the global dimension of K-drama was initially made possible by streaming Platform, Theatrical wiki in theaters Fever، کي is the Also allowed for English titles. With the growing popularity of K-drama, though, they started Fall Also contracts with Western providers like Hulu and Netflix. No is the 2018 at Warner ros air The ending drama FeverCYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD is the He just took the opportunitythe dayGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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