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The Hurlings still run after Vijay Gajasar after the new victory


Tim Geyser finished third overall on the challenging course.  Photo: AMZS

Tim Geyser finished third overall on the challenging course. Photo: AMZS

Aeromolines hosted the 13th World Cup Test in Spain (near Ra capitalad-en-Madrid). Gjesar was in the first race around Eighth Place in the first turn, and for the most competition he finished in third place and attacked George Prado, but after making mistakes on the running track and fall, he went from third to fourth place. Arrived at He went from being a competitor to the title of champion hurling, which Yan Gajasar already had a major advantage over, as the Dutch man kept going back and forth. The first runner-up was Roman Reigns, who defeated Prada in the battle for victory.

Also in the run, he accelerated Prado from the start. Immediately afterwards was his Paige Geyser, who soon mistakenly controlled the Hurlings (removed from the road). The Dutch man finished with Prado in the middle and proceeded confidently to victory. Gajasar defeated Pradhan Prada seven minutes before the finish, but could not put Harling’s victory at risk. February was tangled in the beginning and hit the 24th spot, but by the end it reached number seven.

In the World Cup overall standings, Hurlings leads with 505 points. February is 493 and the third is Gujjar 490. Followers are Prado (440) and Carol (419)

By the end of the World Championship season, there are five more raccoons in Italy, first with a trilogy in Paramorota on Sunday-Sunday-Sunday rhythms (three races a week from October 24 to 31). The last races of the season will take place in Mantua.

JP of Spain, first run
Rating Players State The result
1. Roman February In france 34: 26,873
2. George Prado Spain +1,741
3. Jeffrey Hurlings The Netherlands +2,805
4. Tim Geyser Slovenia +12,719
5. Jeremy Saver Switzerland +18,366
6. Paul Younes Latvia +19,087
GP of Spain, 2nd U run
Rating Players State The result
1. Jeffrey Hurlings The Netherlands 35: 15,305
2. Tim Geyser Slovenia +4,281
3. George Prado Spain 11,717
4. Antonio Carioli Italy 17,614
5. Paul Younes Latvia 21,626
6. Brian Boogers The Netherlands 24,537
7. Roman February In france 28,027

In the MX2 class, the French Maxim Renaix was won by compatriot Tim Wilde, the third being Australian Jade Beaton. Slovenian player John Panker won 17th in Spain, 20th in the first game and 15th in the second, after scoring seven nine points in the WC.

In the overall standings, Rennoux is on the lead with 535 points, Panker is now at 99 and ranked 19th.

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