Sunday , July 3 2022

Wanna See Map View: From China's Fair and Public Opinion, "View Map" – Wide Media

Van Hao's point of view: From the glimpse of China's general and general opinion, the "Choice of Opinion"

Recently, the "Taiwanese Public Ideal Foundation" announced the well-being and exploitation of the Taiwan masses in some of the world's countries, among them, in China's mainland, increased the rate of 43.9 percent in 48.8% Has been According to the reports, the foundation chairman Yun Yun Yangang said, the data was surprised and he was surprised. At the same time, he believed that the people of Taiwan had the main ground on the "Strokeum Syndrome" soil, which means Tianjin was defeated by China, but would have emotional emotions for injury. At the same time, many scholars explained some of this data. Is it bad that the people belong to the people of Taiwan? In fact, the above figures are called 55 wraps, indicating that the public is very different about China. In addition to the factors behind this change, at least we have seen that people do not pay the price of existing government park policy policies and have their own ideas, naturally, their methods. This is an alert on the top of the Green Camp's death to counter terrorism. After all, Grant Camp believes that they can attain power of power. Other than other factors, voters agree with their policies. Also know about the 2020 election. Nevertheless, if we look at the future of Taiwan, the mainstream of the common masses is reform, is it not a prevalence in the past, or is it expected to endanger the enemy? We should be happy, not in fear, especially in the increasing power of power. If our people are more deteriorating with China, they will be stunned against them. At all? On the other hand, if Taiwanese main land is wasted and exploitation continues, we are very happy. The main people's good struggle for the people we should do, and war for good feelings do not mean that we accept. For Taiwan, there is a right way to change conversations. which one …

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