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Amgen Campaign to Understand the Prevention of Osteoporosis.


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November 7, 2018


Amgen Campaign to Understand the Prevention of Osteoporosis. On the day of osteoporosis.

Mrs. Priyanka Sriwattana, the director of the Thai Red Cross office, chaired the opening ceremony. HealthToday is proud to announce the launch of HealthToday's "Healthy Life" campaign within Amgen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s "Good Life … If it Cares for and Protects" campaign. On the day of osteoporosis, support of the lecture. "Reduce the risk of osteoporosis, improve the quality of life". Doc. Boonpanya Pongkham, lecturer, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University As Speaker

Doc. Boonpanya Pongkham, Lecturer, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chulalongkorn Lecture "Reduce the risk of osteoporosis, increase the quality of life" that osteoporosis is bone defect with reduced bone density. The result is that the bones are easily broken. It is a danger that should not be overlooked. The body of humans will have the highest bone mass in 30 years, then the body gradually loses bone mass. The risk of breaking easily. In particular, the bone mass of women is rapidly reduced after menopause. Factors affecting bone mass are many, such as age, genetics, menopause. Chronic illness In a crash, patients often do not know they have osteoporosis. Because most of them are not noticeable. Symptoms that may be osteoporosis, such as back pain, back pain,

Osteoporosis requires careful care and treatment from a doctor. Surgery or osteoporosis can not treat osteoporosis or reduce the risk of fractures elsewhere. There are two treatment options: treatment against osteoporosis. And a stimulant to bones. Method 2 is to eat nutritious foods. Particularly high calcium nutrition, vitamin D supplements, treatment of diseases that lead to faster bone loss, avoidance of risk behaviors in osteoporosis, such as alcohol consumption, smoking and regular use of the right body.

As for bone fracture. Or hip fracture in the elderly is one of the common health problems, no less than other issues, especially older people with osteoporosis. The bone is more brittle than normal. From statistics on patients with hip fractures, 50% had previously had a fracture and 80% had osteoporosis. This affects the quality of life of patients. I can not help. 50% of patients require anesthesia, 25% of patients suffer from life-long disabilities and may need rest, 22% need help with excretion, 11% provide bathing aid, and 5% must be helped. In addition, care should be taken to prevent and suppress patients. Waiting the patient for the right balance. Check the side effects of medicines that cause headaches, numbness, headaches and / or inappropriate environment and housing. To avoid falls or accidents. This will result in broken bones.

In addition, the event also launched a Facebook page "Bones" to educate. Proper understanding of osteoporosis. Bones Club Foundation of Osteoporosis in Thailand.

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