Thursday , June 30 2022

Cihat Arslan: We are going into the historic game


Mustafa Yumlu closed the season, Dana nin 3 months in the form of green-black people in the form of injuries in Serginho and Regattin 'nin injured Cihat Arslan, despite their shortcomings claimed to do the best.

The history of the match against a very important opponent who will play the match Arslan, "We have a bad defeat in the first match. Our goal is a good game, which is a good score we can get in the form.

Seville 3 times 5 times, including repeatedly declaring to have won the Arslan trophy: "I have to give them the right but we are proud to represent Turkey as Akhisarspor and dignity when we want to think about the score. Conversion is also a good game of points no We have a disability, especially in the defense line, we have had several unhappy injuries, we have problems, we no longer have any substitutes, we try to solve it from ourselves. probably concluded the season, "he said.

"We will try to solve the problem with the player

In the front of the circuit up to 6 liga, 3 in Europe and 2 Turkey Cup, including Arslan said that one stop will remain in the hands of 11 games, "We will try to solve a problem with players in the infrastructure or from inside. But inside the players with the tactics of our weakness in this middle of the field. They welcome this process to less damaged, the best performance to overcome, fans of Sevilla are waiting for the tribune, we want to see them in Europe, play an important meeting, this game is a historic match for our city and our club.

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