Tuesday , July 5 2022

Facing the truth: the end of the war


[Haber görseli]

Institution of the Ombudsman set up by the Assembly in 2010 as a control mechanism with a constitutional amendment; "Syrian in Turkey" has prepared a special report. In his report, which was also the presentation of President Tayyip Erdoğan; despite the fact that the war would be difficult to return to their country of Syria, Turkey, which means that after 10 years at 4-5 million more than likely that the Syrian population "need to develop a policy in the face of real stability approx. This is also called the Ial policy of consistency.

Even when the war is over, turnover is difficult: Syrians living in Turkey in all provinces that the ratio of those who remain in camps who rejected 6.69 percent; also part of the history of the Turkish Republic into Syrian citizenship, is part of our country began to work and invest, just go tomorrow Syrians in our country is obviously not real to design a policy like them. There are a number of factors that make it very difficult for refugees to return to Syria. The establishment of peace and tranquility in Syria is still unlikely in the near and medium term. If they feel safe, if they have few jobs, a place of residence and a school where they can send their children, it will be very difficult for them to return even if the war is over.

1.4 million under 18: Given that the total number of Syrian children born since 2011 is 276,000 158, this point can be seen as a sign of stability. 46% of Syrians, more than 1.4 million, are children and young people under the age of 18. Returning this group to their own countries is not possible in itself, and families will not think they will come back unless Syria has absolute peace, peace and security, as their families will take care of their children in a safe environment.

5 million after 10 years: Even 3.4 million Syrians should be prepared to increase. 10 years later, it seems likely that the population will be more than 4-5 million Syrians in Turkey. Both possible crossings to border regions and natural population growth due to childbirth will be effective in this respect.

Name of this shape: It is necessary to confront reality and to create persistence policies. This is also called compliance policy. The sense of passivity / perception is not a sustainable policy. It is believed that a process model in which persistence is being considered, but efforts to return are less risky, especially for the lost generations.

Presidency of the Presidency: With regard to 3.5 million refugees, it is expected that it would be more appropriate to have an effective structure as the ministry. Given the risk of shortening the structure of the ministry in a short period of time, presidential presidential presidency may also be preferred. The new institution will have to work in close cooperation with the Directorate-General for Migration Management, AFAD, Kızılay and even with some institutions. For a new ministry or presidency, it should be prepared to become an effective partner in local governments.

Turkish for all ages: In order to learn Turkish for wheat of all ages, especially for schools, it is assumed that cooperation between public institutions and organizations, especially the Ministry of National Education and Higher Education and non-governmental organizations working on this subject, should be implemented immediately.

Arabic on the website of the state: Based on the fact that Syrian refugees are moving towards lasting persistence, the choice of Arabic language should be on the country's website. It will be an important step both for bureaucratic issues and for the integration of Syrian refugees.
Very cheap social housing: if possible, in cooperation with the TOKI municipalities, it would be possible to build a new social housing that would accommodate refugees with very low rents; however, it is important that the efforts of Turkish society are taken and their efforts to support them are of great value for the development of an internal culture of peace and coexistence; that elections should be made in such a way as to preclude the perception that this settlement is of an ethnic nature, otherwise there might be a serious danger of serious tension and conflict in the near future.

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