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Alexander Golovin drops with Monaco. What does this unsuccessful transfer teach? France 2018-2019 Championship – Football


"Monaco" shudder in 2013 than "Anji". The last victory took place in mid-August, since then the Monegasques have drowned.

The trainer who knew how to open the young was replaced by the legendary forward and charismatic teleexpert – he stands in the technical zone with sad eyes and does not understand what is going on. The club's owner was first charged with violating financial fair play, and then he was usually detained with harsh suspicions and boring prospects. In short, Ligue 2 for Monaco is now narrower than the Champions League and even Europe.

The princely project is bending very impressively, but in Russia they are sad: together with Monegasques, Sasha Golovin, the man who has become an example for other RPL players, has been blown away. Instead, Alexander scares those who earn millions across the border and talks about leaving the purely theoretical way.

Below are the main conclusions of Golovin's tragic trip to Europe.

Alexander Golovin Monaco

Alexander Golovin MonacoGetty pictures

First you have to run from Monaco as soon as possible. On Cote d 'Azur it is beautiful and everything, but Golovin spends the most valuable years of his career on the French outsider.

Experiences? Doubtful – it is useful in addition to a home plan. Collaboration with Henri? Obviously, it is Neville 2.0, who is approaching desperation and does not know how to revive the team. Contract? Any Russian top will break these two million euros annually, even without negotiation. The problem is that Golovin was accepted for 30 million euros – that is, leaving Monaco for the rich Eurozone (and how, if Sasha does not show anything?), Or to rent. It is time to work on the second scenario, otherwise, in spite of progress in nuclear power, the middleopolist would have faded out, become sad and generally held on the bench. A typical result for the Legionnaires of the Premier League.

Secondly, it is worth remembering: The French Championship is average and sad. It's just "PSG" and all other local clubs are unstable add-ons that can lose all leaders in the summer and turn into a tent (Monaco case).

Third, when Russian football players ask for a transition to the top league, they immediately reply that they want to play the grand and not blame themselves to simply change the situation. So these guys are right. It is better to be a star in Russia and to tear the veins in European Cups than to get to the unknown and fight for the eighth position in the Premier League. All these theories about leaving the comfort zone are nonsense. It is much wiser to go to the kings immediately and go there. For this reason, there is a double insult that Golovin chose Monaco, not Chelsea or Juve.

Alexander Golovin (Monaco), Dijon

Alexander Golovin (Monaco), DijonGetty pictures

Fourthly, you can never visit a trainer, even though all Russian sports media in the ecstasy learned that Golovin will work with Zhardim. Well, where is the geek coach now? The bottom line is that the owners should also be interested. In this respect, Sasha had good luck with the Russian club bosses, but there were cases (the same Kerzhakov) when a man flew to one coach, was shot and the other moved the guy to a bench.

Fifthly, it is clear that Golovin has not enough reputation to become a leader in a renewed holder. Former Amkar Konstantin Genich wrote about it already in July, but they bit him and said he did not understand. Genich seems to be still mistaken: introspection still prevents Sasha from opening. One assistant in four months is not exactly the same level as expected from 30 million players. And to spit on injuries – healthy Golovin also did not betray anything cosmic because it was uncomfortable.

And the last. Jevgenij Giner is still the smartest and most prolific manager in the country – Golovin was first sold for the highest possible amount of money, and now he is clearly trying to save him for rent. The scheme has been in place for many years, but it works smoothly. It is a pity that former CSKA players rarely believe in Europe.

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