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In the railway, a passenger with a passenger was on a woman


Later on November 22, when most of the passengers had crossed the bed 357k on the bed by the Kaffarakh message, the top regiment was in separate parts. As well as the passenger. Mirorodod was under the control of Nadidada Polkova (under photo) of 58 years of polio. He met Paras and was in the Triplepale Hospital hospital.

"The mother had traveled with her friends (there were 18 people, all living in the Merigorods) carpenters, He told about this incident The daughter of the victim Svetlana Polyakova On your fan page – Every year there are those same places. Relaxed in a sheltered place for more than two hours before a woman. And suddenly the rampant closed it down … the volume of the mother broke down. It has been immediately transferred to the Triple Real Hospital, where the doctors had done a complex operation. How much more will be overwhelming. Our mats are disappointed. We do not know that it is possible to get the compensation. On December 23, I and this incident called the Witness Company Arsenal and Yuristic Zaziatia. Arsenal replied that the complaint was set up and consulted with Arbitrator.

I have some questions about this. Why not use repair cars? When you watched, it has already been displayed "dedicated"? Where immediate asylum was granted? So, people, before taking their place in the train, it's better to check out how many times there is nothing or everything gets worse.

In the game "Uganda physics", as I found on the Internet, are already present. But tried to move the administration of the administration to the authorities. Well, it is not unavailable that the monsoon glass only allows because the passenger keeps his hand on it? I'm so sad. "

In this matter, the second day, after the operation, was presented with a process by the head of execution training and the director, which said that the same thing was: with all the order, and a passenger (instead of refuge).

PJSC headquartered Yekaterielatia Alexander Alexander Krasnoshtan Department Promising Polarovova promised to help get compensation, but he also said "After the incident, the incident was checked by the regulation commission and the situation was better. The criminals do not know the means of brotherhood and gunmen. In such a situation the passenger may be negligent because he was the one who was the same (such as case not These are the ones). It has been established that the training staff worked correctly, punished all the documents. "

The network immediately responded to Storm Storm:

"Cover of pure water!"

"What are they doing wrong? What do they count on?" If only the passenger had fallen, he would have found himself in danger of shelter, and he would not go straight to his mother. "

"Actually, if any human being avoids it, is it harmful? And if God had forbidden it was death?

"It's not a train, but the truck of cattle, will it be at his mother's or her place of sacrifice?

"They compete with three teens for a ticket, and how to take care of the hospital!"

"Who is the head of the Utility of California, who is in such an unwanted situation, can get such a salary? How many cars can be repaired for this money? It is possible only in our country."

"What are the irrelevant responsibilities?" The consequences: Will not be punished. The long-term will be searched. Where to go to the MF branches? Strength in the motor. People have been given the leave. Answer me. "

From the ninety three children of the Families community, Nzedida Polococova offers fast rehabilitation, desire for body and moral strength and desire to live.

First, the FACTS was told that the passenger train, which was traveling from the capital to Capiff, was situated in the town center and was lying in the middle of the field for several hours. Later, "Yorkerottsia" accurately explained the train-winning park on the railway track by tackling them. They say, she stopped the train on the road.

Photography from Svetlana Polyakova's Facebook page

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