Sunday , July 3 2022

The number of payment chains has increased from the brightness network over 15,000


According to 1MM, the second level of the Settings Network (LNN) prototol is the current number of China's current number 15,378. The current network capacity is 500 BTC, equivalent to $ 2.12 million.

The number of incoming channels in the last 30 days has increased in almost a measure. These branches also added 4744 reading-net nodes during the same period, which increased by 13 percent more. Average, 31 settings and 282 channels appear on every network every day.

The Electronic Electronic Network solution instantly allows low commission to be a tax-based transaction. In addition, LNN helps solve the problem of first-degree conversion scheduling.

Remember, the company promised to make blocks possible for announcing service promotion in the Supply Situations and Asia Pacific area between the vacancies of Khilafah.

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