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India farm protests worsening after killing 8 illed people


NEW DELHI – In an incident on Sunday, people were killed in protestors who told protesting farmers that it was the fault of the son of a prominent Indian leader, almost as a result of almost years of protests against government reform of the country’s agricultural laws. The threatened yacht is expected to enter the unstable phase.

Police said they are investigating the deaths of four farmers and four Indians in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Protesters said a vehicle had been brought into the demonstration as part of a convoy passing through the site.

Police said they were investigating that Ash was in the Ashish Mishra car, which stopped the protesters, as protesters claimed the trees. He is the son of Ajay Mishra, the Minister of State for Home Affairs of India’s Era.

Ashish Mishra told TV Aarti TV news channels on Monday that the man’s allegations are baseless.

The incident escalated into attention when Uttar Pradesh police arrested Priyanka Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, and Gandhi. He was arrested on Monday morning, after his convoy was stopped by the Uttar Pradesh police to meet the families of the farmers who were killed.

State police temporarily shut down Internet service in the area, apparently in an effort to reduce dog bites.

The events sparked a recent political upheaval that has taken place in New Delhi, the capital city of capital, and the surrounding areas, since late November. A large number of North Indian farmers have occupied protest camps on the capital, Ski Ripa, in protest against a trio of market-friendly farm laws that say many of them will be put out of business.

Continue sightseeing and meetings through the perennial waves of peasant co-19th and heavy monsoon rains.

Conflicts are repeatedly engulfed in violence. The worst happened in January, when farmers attacked New Delhi with thousands of tractors and breaking the barriers of police. In return, the government sent troops to try to capture the trees and evacuate the tents, where they had been hiding for months.

Protest last month in Haryana state, Uttar Pradesh’s door rasan, after a video of a local official was arrested, police were ordered to use violence to break a mob. State authorities set up additional troops and shut down the Internet, but sions were cut short when the government agreed to investigate the process.

The incident took place on Sunday in the second Uttar Pradesh district of Lakimpur. The protestors were trying to prevent a visit by a senior minister of the party, Mr Mishra and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to the iya Aartiya Janata Party.

As Mr Mishra’s convoy was passing through the past, a vehicle occupied by his son and the Yin-Del-Del ranch became low-rise farmers, according to the Farmers Union leaders.

Mujib Mashal Contributed Reporting.

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