Monday , July 4 2022

The worst year may have worsened from October to 2019


last week In the 10 years Wall Street was worst. If the S & P 500s end at their current level, during great depression, their worst decline from December 1931.

  • Bloomberg says The SSP is "a wrong session away" by eliminating the 500 500-degree long-term bill.

In the middle of the line Against that, Many financially were foreigners in the world when Treasury Secretary Salim Mare Tie downNo specific explanation was given, call him "individual credentials with the CEO of the nation's top bankers."

  • "CEO confirmed They have enough levels, "the statement continued.
  • Geetwelle, A university mango economist professor, Tie down"If you want to make a financial crisis, how can you do it?"
  • Bloomberg Title: "The bad situation of Manchester-bind on Martinique."

Large image: Almost everything Going into the world, the goat's fossils, the Felix Slumton and the Dinner Robin, get into Axios Edge, for our business business.

  • A part list The Chinese President Siege is under the influence of China and China.

Chris Ginger I the food Washington's research group, talking to the subject in an email, is the most observers of Washington and Wall Street's breakthrough, "Night is blind and tough for the night"

  • "2019 begins A reduction in the leadership of a partial government, delicate market, and White House, Pentagon, Justice Department, the United Nations, and the Home Department – at least. "
  • "Something Which is American massacre. Every tough policy analyst in the year 2019 is a major risk of dangerous threats.

Secondly sad, Duncan Senior, Finance Executive and former speaker of the speaker Paul Pol Ranger and Senator Meter Romney said: "If we see the real financial crisis in 2019, we would be in more populous water in 2008."

  • "In Nosez, The Senate said that the autonomous governments could get a crisis in the market with extraordinary financial and financial obligations in the market, and their ability to do so was unrealistic. "In 2019, different story."

And some notes How is American administration different now?

  • "Was 2008 Hecl-Pulson, Ben Bernank, Josh Bolton, Steve Hadley, Conduct Chancellor, Bob Gates, and Real Deputy members, both President and Markets had negative confidence. Stop the disaster "

Most predecessors Washington chaos and worlds are shocked:

  • Jon Husselsra, With Wall Street Journal's Global Economic Institutions, states: "The hopes of many private economies are expected to slow down America's growth in 2019. … Global Economic Growth Enhanced in 2017. In 2018, as in America, America, Japan And China is the slowest speed. "

Hard work Axios Market Director Diane Robin: "Looks like a hero in the market because everything is scary in the world."

  • And he notes this dispute: "Everything is scary, but American data is still good, because many businessmen and fund managers are seeing it as a shopping opportunity." But they will not buy it. "

P. Such a look from Bloomberber: "Although the 17 percent decrease in the last three months, the PPP 500 is 18 percent higher than the election."

Go too much go: Axios & # 39; s Guarantee 10 years after financial financial crisis

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