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White House: The trip will accept the trip to the Pisa border


Washington (APP) – A senior officer of the Spouse House has pointed out Sunday that President Donald Trum wants to accept a small amount of money from the demand of building a US-Mexico border, but said a senior Congress dictator, , Will still not agree with the wall.

Televisions followed by airplane airplanes and the position hoped that a few weeks after the closure of a few federal government operations would end this week, when the House and Senate are re-opened.

In fact, the Supreme House House Staff Staff Mecca Mulani was warned that the closure could be long in January, when the new Congress is on.

Mawlawi, who was running the Whitehouse Business Office, said that he is waiting for the response from the Senate Democrat leader Shah Schumer from the administration on Saturday on Saturday.

Mawlawi's family specifications were offered between $ 5.7 billion for Triump and 1.3 billion democrats.

"We have been out of the five pounds and hope that they have taken 1.3 of them," Molvi said.

After the director's director's position's soft position less than 24 hours, a senior executive staff has said that Congress should be in the demands of the trip, showing the unexpected nature of a talk of a negotiated manner.

Instead of the construction of "a few middle wall", the Sen. de Dock Durban, the D-BB, instead of the use of border technology.

It was asked that he is ready to raise money tags when money money is not spent on the floor, Darren replied: "Sure."

The stakeholders of a staff on top of the wall were helped to close the week after the funding of many fields and institutions. In the light, after the closure of thousands of federal workers, weeks and weeks after the weekend, last week was the last hope of the weekend, each of which met in a rare weekly session, was adjourned till thirty days.

Summers and Tuesday are christmas evening and christmas, arrangements, federal holidays, means the federal government has already closed it. Mawlawi said that on the first day of the day, the masses could start feeling the effect of the people's rights.

He said it was proposed that Democrats would assume the demochurch's house based on the ability of the election.

"It is possible that it closes from 28 to 28 and New Congress."

Justin Goodman, a spokesman for the Chamber, said: "If the director Molvi says that the trumpet is the last year to be over, believe it, because it's arranged."

Staff said that in opposition to the wall of the Arwaan wall, Trumpp created its political base. Mawlawi said, "Do not accept money for the sake of the President's borders."

The tricks face some resistance from the Democrats. Ranging Center Bobson's Tycoon, criticizing Trumble on other issues, is called the "battlefield" battle called the Battle for the Fifties Fund.

"It is something that is unnecessarily – it's a spectacle and it's young, especially in the age of youth." The Corpsor said that the actual pillar intends to keep it better than the border of the border.

The second quarter of the TripAdvertisement has been announced "Is a good old practice wired, which does not answer the aviation drones or other programs that are" brilliant and brilliant ", to answer, answer, answer, and trafficking. And other genetic elements enter the country.

Regarding the country, closed offs were performed in an unusual way. The New York State's Praise, and a free agency of the US Postal Service, was still sent miles.

But about 800,000 military employees were about to destroy roads. More than half considered it necessary and hopefully instead of work, through the retroductory hope. The other 380,000 would be felicitated, meaning they will not report the work but will be paid later. Legislation ensures that the Congress for getting back to the car was hoping to clarify the Congress.

White House said that Trumpet was living for Christmas due to closure in Washington.

On January 3 with the Democrats, guarding the house of Bethlehem and retired from House Speaker Rangers, R-Wives, Congress, provided the last last giants before the consulate's new Congress.

The probability of the dam was closed on the wall. He said that he is "prone to closing the government" and has come back in charge of not giving the demos to the closure.

He enlarged the designation of the wall and forced Mexico to pay it. Mexico has denied

According to Schumer's office, Shami and Vice President Mike Panes met the Whitehouse petition. But Senator's spokesman said that these expense contracts are "far away".

Schumer said that "the track off" can eradicate President Ayon quickly.

The Democrats said that these proposals were presented which were not included in the wall, which was said to be a cheerful and highly efficient. These border firefighters and other security have tried to spend an estimated 1.3 billion dollars at the present level.

Earlier, Senator approved a biotech deal that would provide immediate assistance to the government and provide 1.3 billion dollars for border security plans. But Trum faced criticism of conservatives for "whipping" on the importance of an important campaign, he completely approved the government financially to assume the House, but also set a 5.7 billion dollar ban for the border wall.

Including 15 cabinet level departments and many institutions including Holland Secretary, Transport, Houses, Agriculture, State and Justice.

Disrupted, NASA and 52,000 cars were involved in almost every internal transaction service. Many national parks were hoping to get closer.

The Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs and Health Services are included in which Congress will be fully operated and operated as funds. Still the work was also FFB, Border Guard and Concern Guard.

Traffic security officials were on the air-conditioning examination and air traffic monitoring work.

Mullen appeared on "Fox News Sunday" and ECC "This week" appeared. Karen Annibel, "Mulla Press" and Karkar, were enrolled on the CNN.

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